Mechanical profilometer Bruker Dektak XT (DEKTAK)

Meena Dhankhar, Ph.D.

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 14.4.2021 13:27

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.30

The DektakXT® stylus surface profiler is an advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool. In addition to profiling surface topography and waviness, the DektakXT system measures roughness in the nanometer range. Available with a standard manual sample-positioning stage or an optional automatic X-Y or theta stage, it provides a step-height repeatability of 5Å (<0.6 nm).
In addition to taking two-dimensional surface profile measurements, the DektakXT system can produce three-dimensional measurements and analyses when equipped with the 3D Mapping Option. With the N-Lite+ Option, it can allow low-force stylus engagement and scanning, optimized to protect force-sensitive samples.


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Stage  diameter of 200 mm
Max. points 120
Repeability 5 Å
Vertical resolution 1 Å 
Pulse freq. 1 - 200 Hz
Resolution 0.5 μm
Repeteability 1 μm
Vertical range 56 mm

DEKTAK A4 poster


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