Mechanical and electrical workshop

Mechanical Workshop - C1.55

If you have any questions about the access or services, please contact our technician Dominik Varga +420 54114 9244

List of machines:

  • Lathe SV 18 RA | Soustruh SV 18 RA
  • Lathe SV 18 RD | Soustruh SV 18 RD
  • Console milling machine FNM 320 A / Konzolová frézka FNM 320 A
  • Vertical Drilling Tool / Vrtačka jednovřetenová sloupová
  • Bench Drill Press / Vrtačka jednovřetenová stolní
  • Surface grinder machine PSGS / Rovinná bruska PSGS
  • Tool grinding machine BN / Nástrojářská bruska BN
  • Bench grinding machine / Dvoukotoučová bruska
  • Bend saw / Pásová pila
  • Bender machine / Ruční ohýbačka
  • Guillotine shears 1250x4 / Tabulové nůžky 1250x4
  • Cylindrical bender / Válcová ohýbačka

Electrical Workshop - C1.43

If you have any questions about the access or services, please contact Vojtěch Švarc or Peter Fecko

List of equipment:

  • Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer (reservation via booking system)
  • Original Prusa i3 MK2.5 3D printer (reservation via booking system)
  • LPKF ProtoMat E44 (For rapid and uncomplicated structuring, drilling, and depanelization of
    single- and double-sided printed circuit boards)
  • BC CD-2SE – Precision soldering station for PCB soldering with very sharp tip suitable for both SMD and THT parts
  • JBC TESE-2A – Hot air station for PCB repairs with automatic vacuum part extractor and heat shields. Temperature range: 150-450 ºC
  • AOYUE 2702A+ – Soldering station with hot air and tip fume extractor
  • Weller transformer soldering gun – For rough soldering with the need for high power
  • GT140 Hot melt glue gun – for basic rework and repairs
  • Set for PCB prototyping with cables and tools.