CEITEC Nano Main Building

CEITEC Nano users

Optical lithography lab. - Mask Aligner Suess MA8Optical lithography lab. - Automatic Coater/Developer Suess RCD8
Electron beam lithography - Tescan Mira3 and Raith 150 twoLaser Writer Heidelberg Instruments DWL66
PVD Lab. - Bestec Magnetron Sputtering SystemPVD Lab. - Bestec E-beam Evaporator
Dry Etching & CVD Lab. - Scia Mill Ion Beam Etching SystemDry Etching & CVD Lab. - SVCS LPCVD Furnaces
Optical Lab. - J. A. Woolam Spectroscopic EllipsometerOptical Lab. - Bruker Vertex FTIR spectometer/microscope
UHV Lab. - ScientaOmicron Scanning Auger MicroscopeFIB Lab. - FIB/SEM system Tescan Lyra3
Coffee RoomCoffee Room and Self Service Food Shop
(Lesní bar)