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All necessary stuff to survive inside and outside of the cleanroom.

The CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure provides complex equipment, expertise and methods for nanotechnology and advanced materials R&D. The CEITEC Nano facilities for nanofabrication, nanocharacterization, structural analysis and X-ray tomography enable to carry out complete fabrication of nanostructures and nanodevices and their characterization down to the sub-nanometre level in an entirely clean environment. 

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4th Bruker FTIR and Raman User Meeting

WHEN: November 4th 2021, event starts at 10:00WHERE: CEITEC BUT, Building S, Purkyňova 123, lecture hall, 1st… Read more »


Dipolar-stabilized first and second-order antiskyrmions in…

Antiskyrmions are topological spin textures with negative vorticity. Like skyrmions, they have considerable… Read more »


New User Committee for 2021 is established

Let me introduce our new User Committee for the year 2021. In the end, the election did not take place because the… Read more »


Best micrograph contest - 4th Feb 2021

Dear users of CEITEC Nano RI,let me announce to you about the upcoming Best micrograph contest which is part of… Read more »