Structural analysis laboratory equipment

  ​ Electron microscopy

High-resolution (scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope FEI Titan Themis 60-300 cubed (TITAN)

The FEI Titan™ Themis provides easy access to atomic information. It combines proven spherical aberration image (Cs)-corrector, monochromator system, sensitive ChemiSTEM™ technology.

High-resolution Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Verios 460L (VERIOS)

The Verios 460L is an unconventional SEM. Through clever design, the Verios 460L allows for ultra-high resolution imaging at low energy on insulating samples with no conductive coating. The Verios 460L is equipped with a wide array of low and high energy electron detectors including a transmission detector and an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer.

Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Helios NanoLab 660 (HELIOS)

The FEI Helios 660 dual-beam microscope combines a monochromated field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) with an advanced focused ion beam (FIB) column for fast, precise nanomachining and nanoscale structural characterization.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) MIRA3 XMU (MIRA3-XMU)

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) is used to study the morphology and topography of conductive and non-conductive materials in high resolution (micro to nano-scale). Observation of surface samples with high depth of focus using multiple detection systems (SE, BSE, STEM) including elemental analysis using energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS).

    X-ray diffraction

X-ray diffractometer with high brightness source Rigaku SmartLab 9kW (RIGAKU9)

Rigaku Smartlab 9kW is a novel high-resolution X-ray diffractometer dedicated to the characterization of thin films and nanostructures. Due to its modularity, the instrument allows for a large variety of X-ray diffraction and scattering techniques.

X-ray powder diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab 3kW (RIGAKU3)

X-Ray Diffractometer equipped with Goebble mirror for HR spectra acquisition and JCPDS diffraction data database. In order to be able to observe temperature-dependent processes, high-temperature and low-temperature chambers are planned as parts of the system.

  ​ Sample Preparation


High vacuum coater for deposition of conductive coatings on SEM and TEM samples. Processes are driven by a built-in microprocessor control unit and are fully automatized. Process steps and parameters are set through a touch screen.
Equipped with Au sputter target and carbon thread evaporation source as standard.
Other targets for sputtering are available only on request.

Cross-section/broad beam ion polisher Leica EM TIC3X (TIC3X)

Machine for polishing a broad range of materialographic samples (metals, ceramics, plastics, organic species, composites of various types, porous materials) in cross-section or in planar polishing mode. Features three Ar ion guns displaced mutually by 45°, aiming at the same point, independently controllable. Three sample stages are available: one for ion milling in cross-section, a rotary stage for planar polishing and a cryo stage for cross-section polishing of sensitive samples.

Target surfacing system Leica TXP (LEICA-TXP)

The instrument is designed to pre-prepare samples for electron as well as light microscopy techniques before they are treated by ion polishing system Leica TIC3X. Excess material is removed by mechanical milling, grinding, cutting, or polishing. The sample can be positioned in four axes. It is possible to work directly with pin-stub mounted samples SEM.
The instrument is also capable of manufacturing TEM thin foils of 3 and 2,3 mm diameter.

Dimple grinder Fischione 200 (FISCHIONE-200)

The Model 200 Dimpling Grinder is a state-of-the-art mechanical grinder for preparing electron microscopy samples. It is indispensable when ion milling is used for final specimen thinning. Once the specimen is pre-thinned by dimpling, ion milling must remove only a relatively small amount of material.

Electrolytical polisher Lectropol 5 (LECTROPOL)

Machine for automatic micro-processor controlled electrolytical polishing and etching of metallographic specimens. Lectropol 5 is equipped with a scanning function, i.e. a predefined voltage range is scanned to determine the current density curve. This curve is used to define the correct voltage for polishing and etching.

Grinder/polisher Tegramin 30 (TEGRAMIN)

Semiautomated machine for preparation of materialographic samples by mechanical grinding and polishing.

Inverted light microscope Zeiss Axio Observer Z1m (ZEISS-Z1M)

Inverted light microscope with motorized specimen stage, including motorized Z-drive.

Ion polisher Fischione TEM Mill 1050 (FISCHIONE-TEM MILL)

Machine for creating thin electron transparent specimens for TEM. TEM Mill incorporates two independently adjustable ion sources, liquid nitrogen specimen cooling, automatic gas control, and a vacuum system for ultra-clean specimen processing.

Metallographic saw Labotom 5 (LABOTOM5)

Manual cut-off machine for 250 mm diameter cut-off wheels for rough cutting. The machine is equipped with a simple control panel consisting of start, stop, and flushing cleaning water buttons.

Mounting press Citopress 10 (CITOPRESS)

Electro-hydraulic programmable machine for hot mounting (pressing). Citopress 10 contains a database of preloaded methods which provide mounting information.

Precision saw Accutom 100 (SAW-ACCUTOM)

Cut-off machine for precise deformation-free cutting and grinding. Accutom 100 has built-in 100 methods and can be programmed to automatically cut a series of slices from the sample. The machine is also equipped with sample rotation or oscillation.

Stereomicroscope Zeiss Stemi 508  (STEMI)

Compact stereomicroscope with 5:1 zoom. It allows users to observe three-dimensional samples without the need for special preparation. The microscope is equipped by LED illumination with variable intensity and positioning for better contrast of the sample.

TEM electrolytical polisher Tenupol 5 (TENUPOL5)

A machine for automatic electrolytical thinning of specimens for TEM. Tenupol 5 is equipped with a scanning function, the predefined voltage range is scanned to determine the current density curve.

TEM specimen grinding tool Fischione 160 (FISCHIONE-160)

Ultrasonic TEM disc cutter Fischione 170 (FISCHIONE-170)

The device for cutting the disc specimens from hard or brittle materials. The cutting tool is a hollow cylinder with a diameter of 3 or 2,3 mm.  The device is equipped with a microscope for checking the cutting process. The auto termination feature is available to stop the cutting as soon as possible.

Vacuum impregnation chamber Citovac (CITOVAC)

Vacuum impregnation equipment for mounting. CitoVac is equipped with a vacuum chamber and an operational panel.

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