Special Rules for Equipment Access & Reservations

Equipment Access & Training

The self-service users of CEITEC Nano RI can get training of the most equipment. But there are some equipments with special conditions/rules – UHV Cluster, NanoSAM, SIMS, LPCVD, MOCVD, TITAN, LASER-DICER, DICING-SAW, Experimental PECVD. If you need access to any of these equipments, please check first the requirements by contacting the equipment guarantor. UHV Cluster, NanoSAM, SIMS and Experimental PECVD are mainly operated by Research Groups so we cannot guarantee the self-service access to these equipments.

Equipment Reservations

The self-service users of CEITEC Nano RI can make the reservation of the equipment via online booking system. In order to allow fair access to heavily used instruments in normal working hours to as many users as possible the following “Fair user” policy is applied:

Only two future reservations per instrument within standard working hours (Mo-Fri, 8am-5pm) are allowed. Outside of the standard working hours, the number of reservations is unlimited.

These specific rules for equipment reservations are especialy enforced for – LYRA, HELIOS, VERIOS. Other specific rules are for TITAN and MAGNETRON.

Please make your reservations as far in advance as possible. If you make a reservation and then will not use the equipment for any reason, please be sure to remove the reservation so that other users can schedule time. If you can not cancel reservation for any serious reason, please inform Equipment Guarantor to correct it in booking system. 

Please be prompt. You must begin your process within 15 minutes of the start of your reserved time slot. After 15 minutes you will lose your reservation privileges and the equipment is considered available to other authorized users.

What to do when cancelling your reservation?