Micro & Nano X-ray CT laboratory


X-ray computed tomography is an advanced imaging technique capable of non-destructive visualization and analysis of objects. It allows scanning of the inner structure of three dimensional objects with high spatial resolution without damaging the object. Complete information about the inner structure of the object in its entire volume may be acquired from the wide range of materials, which is suitable for the detection of the shape of both internal and external structures, inhomogeneities, voids and porosities of the material.

Laboratory of X-ray micro and nano computed tomography is equipped with state-of-the art laboratory CT devices:

GE phoenix v|tome|x L240  (microCT)

  • Max. object size – Ø500 x 600 mm, (i.e. size of the circumscribing cylinder)
  • Max. weight of the sample 50 kg
  • Max. voxel resolution 1 μm
  • Microfocus x-ray tube 240 kV / 320 W and nanofocus X-ray tube 180 kV / 30 W
  • Flat panel detector, dynamic 41|100: 4000 x 4000 px, pixel size 100 μm

Rigaku Nano3DX  (nanoCT)

  • Max. object size - Ø 7.2 mm x 5.4 mm (i.e. size of the circumscribing cylinder)
  • Max. voxel resolution 0.27 μm
  • X-ray tube with optional Cr, Co, Mo rotating target material
  • CCD camera, 3300 x 2500 pixels active area (270 nm pixel pitch)
  • Phase contrast imaging (for light materials)

Computed tomography data is processed by using software: VGStudio MAX 3.1 (Volume Graphics, Germany), Avizo 9.5.0 (ThermoFisher Scientific, USA), MATLAB R2017a (MathWorks, USA), GOM inspect 2016, MAVI 1.4.1. (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM, Germany), 3D PDF maker Standalone.

For more information please visit our CTlab website or contact Dr. Tomáš Zikmund (tomas.zikmund@ceitec.vutbr.cz).