Resist coating and development system SÜSS MicroTec RCD8 (SUSS-RCD8)

Radim Hrdý, Ph.D.

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 22.3.2021 12:46

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.30

The RCD8 coat and develop platform can be custom tailored anywhere from e.g. a basic manual spin coater to a GYRSET® enhanced coater and puddle & spray developer tool. It can handle small pieces as well as standard wafers up to 200 mm and serves therefore ideally for daily R&D work up to small scale production.


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Substrate size 2” to 200 mm round, 2” to 150 mm square
Substrate Handling manual, lift pins
User Interface SUSS MMC Tool Control on Win 7, industrial PC, touch screen
Max. # of Recipes more than 10 000
Max. # of Process Steps 50

Module: Open Bowl Coater

Spin Speed Max 10 000 RPM
Spin Acceleration 1 – 7000 RPM/s
Bowl Material Ni-plated Al
Dispense arm 1 resist line, 1 solvent line, motorized syringe pump

Module: Gyrset Coater

Spin Speed Max 3 000 RPM
Spin Acceleration 1 – 3000 RPM/s
Bowl Material Ni-plated Al
Cover Options 3 different sizes in low and high versions

Module: Puddle developer

Spin Speed Max 10 000 RPM
Spin Acceleration 1 – 7000 RPM/s
Bowl Material PE
Cover Options 1 developer line


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