Ion-Beam Sputter Deposition System BESTEC (KAUFMAN)

Ion-Beam Sputter Deposition System BESTEC

Imrich Gablech, Ph.D.

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 23.8.2021 10:07

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.36

UHV sputter deposition system is equipped with two RFICP Kaufman ion-beam sources (KRI®) with 4 cm diameter grids (3-grid primary and 2-grid assisted/secondary) and charge neutralizer (LFN 2000 - KRI®). This setup is suitable for Ion-beam sputter deposition, Ion-beam assisted deposition, reactive sputter deposition with nitrogen and in-situ initial/continual substrate (pre-)cleaning. Etching (ion-milling) is not possible due to undesirable chamber and targets contamination.


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Base pressure 1.2 x 10−8 mbar
Process pressure 10−5 – 10−4 mbar
5*10−5 Radiation heater Up to 350 °C (real. temp. on substrate)
Available targets Ti, Al, W, Hf, Ta, Zr
Gases Argon (7.0), Nitrogen (7.0)
Deposition rate 0.03 – 1.50 Å/s (based on material)
Beam voltage 100 – 1200 V
Beam current 5 – 120 mA
Wafer technology 1 – 4 inch


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