Research papers 2017

[1]  Hadraba, H. et al. Survey of oxide candidate for advanced 9%, 14% and 17%Cr ODS steels for fusion applications. Fusion Eng. Des. (2017).
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[32]  Shah, F. A., Stoica, A., Cardemil, C. & Palmquist, A. Multiscale characterisation of cortical bone composition, microstructure , and nanomechanical properties in experimentally- induced osteoporosis.
J. Biomed. Mater. Res. 1–28 (2017).
[33]  Xiao, N. et al. Resistive Random Access Memory Cells with a Bilayer TiO 2 /SiO X Insulating Stack for Simultaneous Filamentary and Distributed Resistive Switching. Adv. Funct. Mater. 1700384, 1–13 (2017).
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Student's thesis 2017

 • Doctoral thesis

[1]  Vaňatka, M. Fibrication and Characterization of Nanostructres with Functional Properties in the Field of Spintronics, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[2]  Kormoš, L. Nanoelectronic Devices with Novel Optoelectronic Properties, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[3]  Horák, M. Fibication and Characterization of Nanostructures with Functional Properties in the Field of Plasmonics, Brno University of Technology, 2017.

• Master’s thesis

[1]  Turčan, I. Study of Magnonic Crystals in a Frequency Domain, Brno University of Technology,  2017.
[2]  Kúkoľová, A. Experimental study of electronic properties of manganites and electron, Masaryk University, 2017.
[3]  Hrubý, J. Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Based Hybrid Materials, Brno University of Technology, 2017.

• Bachelor’s theses

[1]  Holobrádek, J. Transport Properties of One Magnetic Nanostructures, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[2]  Bukvišová, K. Growth of 3D Structures Induced by Electron Beam on Ceramic Substrates, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[3]  Krajňák, T. Analysis of Localy Modified Surfaces for Selective Growth of Cobalt, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[4]  Citterberg, D. Preparation of contacts to one-dimensional nanostructurs, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[5]  Jaskowiec, J. Megnetic Force Microscopy and Transport Properties of Metamagnetic Nanostructures, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[6]  Jemelka, M. Microstructure Revealing and Analysis of Partially Sintered Oxide Ceramic Materials, Brno University of Technology, 2017.
[7]  Hegrová, V. Fabrication and Application of Grafpehe-Metal, Brno University of Technology, 2017.


Research papers 2016

[1]  Abdel-Mohsen, A. M. et al. Novel chitin/chitosan-glucan wound dressing: Isolation, characterization, antibacterial activity and wound healing properties. Int. J. Pharm. 510, 86–99 (2016).

[2]  Babocký, J. et al. Patterning large area plasmonic nanostructures on nonconductive substrates using variable pressure electron beam lithography. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, Nanotechnol. Microelectron. Mater. Process. Meas. Phenom. 34, 06K801 (2016).
[3]  Drdlik, D., Slama, M., Hadraba, H., Drdlikova, K. & Cihlar, J. On the role of the indifferent electrolyte LiCl in electrophoretic deposition of hydroxyapatite from 2-propanol dispersions. Ceram. Int. 42, 16529–16534 (2016).
[4]  Elbadawi, C. et al. Electron beam directed etching of hexagonal boron nitride. Nanoscale 8, 16182–16186 (2016).
[5]  Gablech, I. et al. Preparation of (001) preferentially oriented titanium thin films by ion-beam sputtering deposition on thermal silicon dioxide. J. Mater. Sci. 51, 3329–3336 (2016).
[6]  Isa, F. et al. Highly Mismatched, Dislocation-Free SiGe/Si Heterostructures. Adv. Mater. 28, 884–888 (2016).
[7]  Kolíbal, M., Pejchal, T., Vystavěl, T. & Šikola, T. The Synergic Effect of Atomic Hydrogen Adsorption and Catalyst Spreading on Ge Nanowire Growth Orientation and Kinking. Nano Lett. 16, 4880–4886 (2016).
[8]  Manakhov, A. et al. The robust bio-immobilization based on pulsed plasma polymerization of cyclopropylamine and glutaraldehyde coupling chemistry. Appl. Surf. Sci. 360, 28–36 (2016).
[9]  Manakhov, A. et al. Carboxyl-rich coatings deposited by atmospheric plasma co-polymerization of maleic anhydride and acetylene. Surf. Coatings Technol. 295, 37–45 (2016).
[10]  Matějíček, J. et al. Behavior of W-based materials in hot helium gas. Nucl. Mater. Energy 9, 405–410 (2016).
[11]  Montufar, E. B. et al. Spark Plasma Sintering of Load-Bearing Iron–Carbon Nanotube-Tricalcium Phosphate CerMets for Orthopaedic Applications. JOM 68, 1134–1142 (2016).
[12]  Mouralova, K. et al. Analyzing the surface layer after WEDM depending on the parameters of a machine for the 16MnCr5 steel. Meas. J. Int. Meas. Confed. 94, 771–779 (2016).
[13]  Mozalev, A. et al. Formation and gas-sensing properties of a porous-alumina-assisted 3-D niobium-oxide nanofilm. Sensors Actuators, B Chem. 229, 587–598 (2016).
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[16]  Šik, O. et al. Investigation of the effect of argon ion beam on CdZnTe single crystals surface structural properties. Surf. Coatings Technol. 306, 75–81 (2016).
[17]   Taboada, A. G. et al. GaAs/Ge crystals grown on Si substrates patterned down to the micron scale. J. Appl. Phys. 119, (2016).
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[21] Jech, D., Čelko, L., Klakurková, L., Slámečka, K., Horynová, M., Švejcar, J., Formation of Thermally Sprayed Coatings on Grid-Like Structure Substrate. Solid State Phenom. 258, 387–390 (2016).
[22] Remešová, M., Klakurková, L., Čelko, L., Sládková, L., Jech, D., Kaiser, J., Anodizing of Zinc-Titanium Alloy in NaOH and KOH Baths. Solid State Phenom. 258, 399–402 (2016).
[23] Tkachenko, S., Datskevich, O., Spotz, Z., Dvořák, K., Kulak, L., Čelko, L., Oxidation of Experimental Ti-Si-Al Based Alloys. Solid State Phenom. 258, 391–394 (2016).

Student's thesis 2016

 • Doctoral thesis

[1] I. Gablech, CMOS Compatible Piezoelectric Resonator with FET Structure for Graphene Monolayer Properties Modulation, Brno University of Technology, 2016.

 • Master’s thesis

[1]  M. Horký, Growth of Metastable FCC FE Thin Films on Cu(100)/Si(100) Substrates, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[2]  T. Musálek, Semiconductor Nanowire Growth Utilizing Alloyed Catalyst, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[3]  O. Vyroubal, Deposition of Magnetic Nanostructures Using Ebid and Optimalization of Their Chemical Composition and Morphology, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[4]  L. Kachtík, Application of High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy for Structure Analysis of Nanowires, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[5]  Tomáš Matula, Electrochemical Biosensor for Glucose Detection, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[6]  L. Koporec, Effect of Plasma Oxidation of Carbon Working Electrode on Its Electrochemical Response, Brno University of Technology, 2016.

• Bachelor’s theses

[1]  V. Křižáková, Magnetic Properties of Materials Based on Metastable Fe-Ni Thin Films, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[2]  J. Karlovský, Analysis of Trench Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[3]  Š. Kovařík, Selective Hydrogenation of Graphene Prepared by Chemical Vapour Deposition, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[4]  M. Andrýsek, Preparation of Surfaces with Diffusion Barrier for Studying Initial Phase of Semiconductor Nanowire Growth, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[5]  P. Gallina, Fabrication of Graphene Mid-Infrared Biosensor, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[6]  K. Fabianová, Fabrication of Well Defined Nanoporous Structures with Application in Membrane Sensing, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[7]  P. Steindl, Investigation of the Emission from Quantum Dots Fabricated from III-V Semiconductors, Masaryk university, 2016.
[8]  V. Schánilec, Magnetic Phase Transition in Spatially Confined Structures, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[9]  V. Stará, Epitaxial Growth of Cobalt Islands via Oxide Mediated Epitaxy, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[10]  T. Axman, Development of the Sample Holder for Electrical Diagnostics in UHV SEM, Brno University of Technology, 2016.
[11]  L. Urbanová, Solvothermal Preparation and Characterization of Nanoparticles Alloy Cu/Ni, Masaryk University, 2016.


Research papers 2015

[1] Roček, Z. et al. Frontoparietal Bone in Extinct Palaeobatrachidae (Anura): Its Variation and Taxonomic Value. Anat. Rec. 298, 1848–1863 (2015).
[2] Balvan, J. et al. Multimodal holographic microscopy: Distinction between apoptosis and oncosis. PLoS One 10, 1–16 (2015).
[3] Procházka, D. et al. Detection of tire tread particles using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Spectrochim. Acta - Part B At. Spectrosc. 108, 1–7 (2015).
[4] Isa, F. et al. Three-dimensional Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells deposited on Si(001) and Si(111) patterned substrates. Semicond. Sci. Technol. 30, 105001 (2015).
[5] Urbánek, M. et al. Dynamics and efficiency of magnetic vortex circulation reversal. Phys. Rev. B - Condens. Matter Mater. Phys. 91, 1–11 (2015).
[6] Brus, J. et al. Structure of framework aluminum lewis sites and perturbed aluminum atoms in zeolites as determined by 27Al{1H} REDOR (3Q) MAS NMR spectroscopy and DFT/molecular mechanics. Angew. Chemie - Int. Ed. 54, 541–545 (2015).
[7] Křížova, A. et al. Dynamic phase differences based on quantitative phase imaging for the objective evaluation of cell behavior. J. Biomed. Opt. 20, 111–214 (2015).
[8] Isa, F. et al. Highly Mismatched, Dislocation-Free SiGe/Si Heterostructures. Adv. Mater. 28, 884–888 (2015).
[9] Štarha, P., Hanousková, L. & Trávníček, Z. Organometallic Half-Sandwich Dichloridoruthenium(II) Complexes with 7-Azaindoles: Synthesis, Characterization and Elucidation of Their Anticancer Inactivity against A2780 Cell Line. PLoS One 10, e0143871 (2015).
[10] Mozalev, A. et al. Porous-alumina-assisted formation of 3-D nanostructured niobium oxide films for advanced sensing applications. Procedia Eng. 120, 435–438 (2015).
[11] Novák, M. et al. Two Paragenetic Types of Cookeite From the Dolní Bory-Hatě Pegmatites, Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic: Proximal and Distal Alteration Products of Li-Bearing Sekaninaite. Can. Mineral. 53, 1035–1048 (2015).
[12] Stoica, A. et al. Cell proliferation on modified DLC thin films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Biointerphases 10, 29520–9 (2015).
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[18] Skoda, D., Styskalik, A., Moravec, Z., Bezdicka, P. & Pinkas, J. Templated non-hydrolytic synthesis of mesoporous zirconium silicates and their catalytic properties. J. Mater. Sci. 50, 3371–3382 (2015).

Student's thesis 2015

 • Doctoral thesis

[1] Kvapil, M. Plasmonics Antennas. Doctoral Thesis (Brno University of technology, 2015).
[2] Duda, R. Analysis of Nanostructures by TOF-LEIS. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[3] Šamořil, T. Application of the focused ion and electron beam in nanotechnologies. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[4] Šulc, D. Application of Interferometry in VT UHV SPM. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[5] Mouralová, K. Modern technologies in wire electrical discharge machining the metal alloys. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[6] Lišková, Z. Fabrication of Nanostructures and Nanodevices for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[7] Břínek, L. Application of Plasmon Polaritons in Nanophotonics. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[8] Pavera, M. Design of Low-temperature Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscopea. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).

 • Master’s thesis

[1] Švarc, V. Shielding effect of oxide isolating layer on surface potential measured by Kelvin probe force microscopy. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[2] Kormoš, L. Application of Graphene Membrane in Nanoelectronic Devices. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[3] Knotek, M. Selective growth of GaN nanostructures on silicon substrates. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[4] Gricová, K. Petrological evaluation of the selected prospections drillings on the oil and gas. (Masaryk University, 2015).
[5] Marek, J. Photocatalytic water splitting by oxide semiconductors modified with graphen/graphenoxide. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[6] Hráček, D. High-resolution stratigraphy of the Lower Badenian deposits in selected cores of the Carpathian Foredeep. (Masaryk University, 2015).
[7] Jíra, R. Random number generator based on magnetic nanostructures. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
[8] Dominik Šedivý. Flow through the artificial heart valve. (Brno University of Technology, 2015).
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