User Committee

  • The CEITEC Nano User Committee is one of the three advisory bodies of the Research Infrastructure.
  • The User Committee consists of 5 members which are voted in for a 1 year period.
  • The User Committee Meeting is held every 3 months with the presence of the Head or Manager of CEITEC Nano.
  • Meeting outputs with requests & recommendations are officially commented on by the Head of CEITEC Nano
  • A representative of the user committee is invited to regular CEITEC Nano meetings (1per week)
  • The user committee meeting inputs and realized adjustments are summarized in a document which will be used for CEITEC Nano Evaluations (both internal and external).
  • The user committee participates in the organization of the future CEITEC Nano user meetings.

User Committee 2019

Members: Eva Štastná, David Salamon, Michal Staňo, Lukáš Flajšman, Igor Turčan

Eva Štastná,
Ph.D. student
David Salamon,

Senior researcher

Igor Turčan,
Ph.D. student
Michal Staňo, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
Lukáš Flajšman,
Ph.D. student

User Committee 2018

Members: Michal Staňo, Lukáš Flajšman, Filip Ligmajer, Vojtěch Schánilec, Igor Turčan

February 16 - minutes from meeting
May 23 - minutes from meeting
October 1 - minutes from meeting

User Committee 2017

Members: Petr Bábor, Ph.D., Lukáš Kormoš, Filip Ligmajer, Vojtěch Schánilec, Igor Turčan

25th Jan 2017 - minutes from meeting
7th Jun 2017 - minutes from meeting
20th Oct 2017 - minutes from meeting