Information for Visitors

We have decided to give you some useful information which might help you.


Accommodation - if you need to arrange your accommodation during your stay let us know, we will try to help you. There is BUT campus close to CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure and it offers some variety of accommodation.

Food and Drink - we have in CEITEC Nano all necessary stuff to survive inside ​and outside of the cleanroom. It is called Lesní Bar - situated in the Coffee Room. There are also several posibilities where to go for lunch - CookPoint, Day Dream Caffé, BUT menza, ...

Travel info:

Car - if you travel by car, you can park on the parking place besides the administrative building "S" of CEITEC BUT. Please do not park on the main road, you might get a fine. If you have something heavy to bring into the lab, you can drive your car into the CEITEC BUT campus and park in front of the main entrance of CEITEC Nano RI. Call the reception at the gate and tell them who you are going to visit in CEITEC Nano.

Public Transportation - is quite cheap and goes whole day and night :-) The nearest TRAM No. 12 stop is just 5min by walk from CEITEC BUT. There is also BUS (53, E56) stop just in front of the CEITEC BUT campus on the main road.

Bike - if you decide to ride your bike, you can store it in our bikeroom or in front of the building "C" (CEITEC Nano).

TAXI - if you are in a hurry you can try TAXI (it will cost you approx. 250 CZK / 10 EUR to city center/train station). There are several companies - CITY TAXI Brno, Lido TAXI, TAXI Impuls, Top1TAXI, ...

Brno Airport - yes, Brno has the airport :-)

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