Services for commercial users

The preferred way of using the equipment at CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure for academic users is self-service open access. The instrument running cost is 100% covered by CEITEC Nano, only the administration and training fee is paid by the user.

How to order commercial full-service

Contact the CEITEC Nano User Office at or via phone +420 54114 9200 to discuss your processing requirements.
The CEITEC Nano financial department will send you a quotation for CEITEC Nano services. If you have any questions regarding invoicing contact CEITEC Nano financial manager Kateřina Tydlačková (+420 51118 1252, with your questions.
If you agree with the quotation send the purchase order to
CEITEC Nano staff will process your samples and prepare a processing/measurement report.
Upon agreement an invoice will be emailed to you together with the samples or measurement data.

Prices for commercial users

Valid from 1st July 2017
The prices include full instrument running costs, operator’s wage, instrument depreciation and CEITEC Nano processing fee. Contact CEITEC Nano User Office at for a quotation.

CEITEC Nano pricelist* - full service for Commercial users

Nanofabrication laboratory


RAITHE-beam writer RAITH150 Two3 920
MIRAScanning Electron Microscope/E-beam writer TESCAN MIRA32 850
DWLUV Direct Write Laser system Heidelberg Instruments DWL 66-fs2 790
SUSS-MA8Mask Aligner, NanoImprint Lithography SÜSS MicroTec MA8/BA8 Gen32 720
SUSS-WETBENCHLithographic wetbench for resist coating SÜSS MicroTec2 440
LAURELLSpincoater Laurell WS-650-23B2 440
NANOCALCSpectroscopic reflectometer Ocean Optics NanoCalc 20001 890
DEKTAKMechanical profilometer Bruker Dektak XT2 060
DIENERResist stripper Diener electronic NANO Plasma cleaner1 900

Depositions and etching

EVAPORATORElectron beam evaporator BESTEC2 920
MAGNETRONMagnetron sputtering systém BESTEC2 620
ALDAtomic layer deposition system Ultratech/CambridgeNanoTech Fiji 2002 490
PECVD-NANOFABHigh temperature PECVD of C-based materials Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology NanoFab2 750
Experimental-PECVDPECVD with ion and mass analyzer, optical emission spectroscopy, in situ ellipsometry, langmuir probe3 020
LPCVDLow pressure chemical vapor deposition2 230
PECVDPECVD of Si-based materials Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology PlasmaPro 1003 080
DRIEDeep reactive ion etching of Si-based materials Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology PlasmaPro 1002 790
RIE-FLUORINERIE of Si-based materials/deposition of thin films Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro NGP 802 890
SCIAIon beam etching Scia Systems Coat 2002 670
XERIONRapid thermal annealing Xerion XREACT/1 250°C2 220


WIRE-BONDERWire bonder TPT HB 161 850
LASER-DICERLaser dicer Oxford Lasers A-Series2 120

Nanocharacterization laboratory

UHV Technologies

SIMSSecondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy ION-TOF TOF.SIMS53 150
KRATOS-XPSX-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Kratos Analytical Axis Supra3 160
NANOSAMnanoScanning Auger Microscopy Scienta Omicron nanoSAM Lab3 730
UHV-DEPOSITIONUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Custom Deposition Chamber SPECS2 350
UHV-LEEMUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Low Energy Electron Microscope SPECS FE-LEEM P903 140
UHV-LEISUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Low Energy Ion Spectroscopy ION-TOF Qtac 1002 760
UHV-MBEUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Molecular Beam Epitaxy SPECS2 680
UHV-XPSUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical system - Photoelectron Spectroscopy SPECS Phoibos 1502 940
UHV-PREPARATIONUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Preparation Chamber SPECS2 290
UHV-SPMUltra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Scanning Probe Microscopy SPECS Aarhus 150 SPM2 740

Microscopy and nanomanipulation

LYRAFocused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope TESCAN LYRA33 150
ICON-SPMScanning Probe Microscope Bruker Dimension Icon2 500
KERR-MICROSCOPEMagneto-optical Kerr microscope2 490
NANOINDENTORHysitron TI 9502 500

Optical measurements

FTIRVacuum FTIR Vertex80v + microscope Hyperion 3000 KIT2 920
WOOLLAM-VISNIR-UV spectroscopic ellipsometer J. A. Woollam V-VASE2 200
WOOLLAM-MIRMIR spectroscopic ellipsometer J. A. Woollam IR-VASE2 290
VUVASVacuum ultraviolet spectrometer McPherson VUVAS 10002 060
NIRQUEST512NIR Optical Spectrometer Ocean Optics NIRQuest 5122 010
JAZ3UV-VIS Optical Spectrometer Ocean Optics JAZ 3-channel2 010
SNOM-NANONICSScanning Near-field Optical Microscopy Nanonics Imaging MV 40002 690
TERSScanning Probe Microscope + microRaman + PhotoLuminiscence system NT-MDT Ntegra Spectra + Solar II2 560

Electrical and magnetic measurements

SUMMITSemi-automated 4-probe system Cascade Microtech SUMMIT 120002 510
MPS1504-probe station Cascade Microtech MPS 1501 910
KEITHLEY-4200Keithley 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer1 910
LAKESHORELow Temperature Electro-Magnetic Properties Measurement System LakeShore CRX-EM-HF2 470
CRYOGENICLow Temperature Vibrating Sample Magnetometr Cryogenic Limited2 580

Structural analysis laboratory

Electron microscopy

TITANHigh resolution (scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope FEI Titan Themis 60-300 cubed7 830
HELIOSFocused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Helios NanoLab 6604 270
VERIOSHigh resolution Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Verios 460L3 370

Sample preparation

STEMIStereomicroscope Zeiss Stemi 5081 580
TENUPOLTEM electrolytical polisher Tenupol 51 850
FISCHIONE-160TEM specimen grinding tool Fischione 1601 630
FISCHIONE-170Ultrasonic TEM disc cutter Fischione 1701 700
CITOVACVacuum impregnation chamber Citovac1 640
LEICACOAT-STANCoater Leica EM ACE6001 840
TIC3XCross section/broad beam ion polisher Leica EM TIC3X2 170
FISCHIONE-200Dimple grinder Fichione 2001 630
LECTROPOLElectrolytical polisher Lectropol 51 800
TEGRAMINGrinder/polisher Tegramin 301 840
ZEISS-Z1MInverted light microscope Zeiss Axio Observer Z1m1 700
FISCHIONE-TEM MILLIon polisher Fischione TEM Mill 10502 320
LABOTOM5Metallographic saw Labotom 51 900
CITOPRESSMounting press Citopress 101 600
PLASMACLEANERPlasma cleaner Fischione 10201 940
SAW-ACCUTOMPrecision saw Accutom 1001 940

X-ray diffractometry

RIGAKU9X-ray diffractometer with high brightness source Rigaku SmartLab 9kW2 630
RIGAKU3X-ray powder diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab 3kW2 360

*Prices without VAT

Access for self-service commercial users

Commercial users typically order measurement/nanofabrication services and their samples are processed by CEITEC Nano staff. They can be present at the measurement as visitors under the supervision of authorized personnel.

If required, self-service access to all CEITEC Nano equipment is available also to commercial users. Commercial users pay a User fee (30,000 CZK/year) plus they pay an hourly charge which includes full instrument running costs, instrument depreciation and CEITEC Nano training and processing fees. See full CEITEC Nano price list .

Please contact us at to discuss your individual needs and pricing.

Commercial users


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