Services for commercial users

The preferred way of using the equipment at CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure for academic users is self-service open access. The instrument running cost is 100% covered by CEITEC Nano, only the administration and training fee is paid by the user.

How to order commercial full-service

Contact the CEITEC Nano User Office at or via phone +420 54114 9200 to discuss your processing requirements.
The CEITEC Nano financial department will send you a quotation for CEITEC Nano services. If you have any questions regarding invoicing contact CEITEC Nano financial manager Pavlina Zajicova (+420 51118 1252, with your questions.
If you agree with the quotation send the purchase order to
CEITEC Nano staff will process your samples and prepare a processing/measurement report.
Upon agreement an invoice will be emailed to you together with the samples or measurement data.

Prices for commercial users

Valid from 1st July 2017
The prices include full instrument running costs, operator’s wage, instrument depreciation and CEITEC Nano processing fee. Contact CEITEC Nano User Office at for a quotation.

Access for self-service commercial users

Commercial users typically order measurement/nanofabrication services and their samples are processed by CEITEC Nano staff. They can be present at the measurement as visitors under the supervision of authorized personnel.

If required, self-service access to all CEITEC Nano equipment is available also to commercial users. Commercial users pay a User fee (30,000 CZK/year) plus they pay an hourly charge which includes full instrument running costs, instrument depreciation and CEITEC Nano training and processing fees.

Please contact us at to discuss your individual needs and pricing.

Commercial users


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