High resolution Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Verios 460L (VERIOS)

Ondřej Man, Ph.D.

Instrument status:
Some Issues Some Issues, 31.7.2020 15:04, EDAX TEAM issues as always. EDAX service team urged.

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - A1.11

The Thermo Fisher Verios 460L field-emission scanning electron microscope
(FESEM) offers sub-nanometer resolution over a wide energy range (0.7 nm @ 1 keV,
0.6 nm @ 2-30 keV) with excellent materials contrast. Its extraordinary low-voltage
performance provides extremely precise, surface-specific information even on
insulating samples with no conductive coating. The microscope is equipped with
a wide array of imaging and analytical detectors for structural and compositional


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Electron column/optics specifications

Electron column type Elstar UC
Electron source type Schottky FEG with monochromator
Imaging modes field free
XHR immersion
EDS optimized
Beam deceleration (stage bias – 20 V to – 4 kV
Probe current 0.8 to 100 nA
Landing energy 20 eV to 30 keV

Detectors available

Imaging detectors Analytical detectors Others
in-lens SE detector (TLD-SE) energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) IR camera for viewing sample/column
in-lens BSE detector (TLD-BSE) wavelength dispersive spectrometer (WDS) Chamber mounted Nav-Cam+
in-column SE detector (ICD) electron backscatter diffraction detector (EBSD) Integrated beam current measurement
in-column BSE detector (MD)

Everhart-Thornley SE detector (ETD)
forward-scattered electrons detector (FSD)
Retractable low voltage, solid-state backscatter electron detector (DBS)
Retractable STEM detector with BF/DF/HAADF segments


Top resolution Conditions
0.6 nm 30 kV (STEM)
0.6 nm 15 – 2 kV
0.7 nm 1 kV
1.0 nm 500 V (ICD)

Sample stage

Stage type Ultra high precision 5-axes piezo-motorized stage
Axis Maximum movement [mm]
X, Y 100
Z 20
tilt – 10 ° to + 60 °
rotation 720 ° stroke
Positioning accuracy/repe­atability
X, Y repeatability 0.5 μm
X, Y accuracy < 1.5 μm (85 % tolerance interval)
Mechanically tilt eucentric stage with < 5 μm image motion when tilting 0 ° to 52 °

Maximum sample sizes

Maximum size 100 mm diameter with full rotation
Maximum sample thickness (via loadlock) 15 mm incl. holder
Maximum sample thickness (via chamber door) 27.8 mm incl. sample holder
Weight 200 g (incl. holder)
Please avoid introduction of your samples via chamber door as much as possible!

Installed utility devices

Plasma cleaner (mounted on the chamber)
Cryo cleaner (mounted on the chamber)
Fully motorized loadlock

Analytical detectors specifications

Detector Parameter Specified value
EDS Detector type EDAX SDD Octane Super
Detector chip area 60 mm2
Energy resolution-specified 129 eV @ MnKα
Energy resolution-measured 131.2 eV @ MnKα

EBSD Detector type EDAX DigiView IV
Detector camera resolution 1392 (H) x 1040 (V) x 12 bits
Selectable Binning Modes 1×1
Signal / Noise Ratio > 65 dB
Data collection rate up to 150 indexed pps

WDS Detector type EDAX TEXS HP XM 4
Installed crystals
Crystal type Interplanar distance 2d [nm]
PV7000/38 4.01
PV7000/33 75.47
PV7000/35 60.491
PV7000/43 29.769
PV7000/36 8.721
Energy resolution
Element / line Resolution – specified [eV]
C / Kα 13
N / Kα 18
O / Kα 17
Cu / Lα 30
Al / Kα 28
Si / Kα 6
Cu / Kα 75


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