Ion polisher Fischione TEM Mill 1050 (FISCHIONE-TEM MILL)

Ion polisher Fischione TEM Mill 1050

Jiří Holas

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 16.5.2018 16:06

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - A1.08

Machine for creating thin electron transparent specimens for TEM. TEM Mill incorporates two independently adjustable ion sources, liquid nitrogen specimen cooling, automatic gas control, and a vacuum system for ultra-clean specimen processing. The specimen holder accommodates double-sided milling to 0° without specimen shadowing. Tilt angles are adjustable in the range from –10° to +10°. In addition to full specimen rotation with ion beam sequencing, the programmable rocking angle control is available. The TEM Mill includes a microscope with CCD camera for better specimen viewing and polishing process control.




Ion source Two ion guns, single controllable
Ion source energy from 100 eV to 6 keV
Beam current density up to 10 mA/cm2
Process gas Argon, 99,999 % purity

Specimen stage

Milling angle range –10° to +10°
Specimen rotation available with motion sequencing
Specimen rocking available


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