Coater Leica EM ACE600

Jiří Holas

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 19.8.2020 12:47

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - A1.08

Upcoming trainings:
18.9. 09:30 - 11:15: ACE600 (Leicacoat) training - meeting point: at the entrance to Structure analysis laboratories (building A)

High vacuum coater for deposition of conductive coatings on SEM and TEM samples. Processes are driven by bulit-in microprocessor control unit and are fully automatized. Process steps and parameters are set through a touch screen.
Equipped with Au sputter target and carbon thread evaporation source as standard.
Other targets for sputtering available only on request.




Process vacuum 5x10−5 mbar @ 15 min
Ultimate vacuum 2x10−6 mbar @ 24 hour
Working distance min. 30 mm, max. 100 mm (z movement motorized)
Specimen table diameter 104 mm
Stage tilt +/- 60° (motorized)
Coating time 1–1800 s (without respect to sample damage)
Coating thickness 1–1000 nm
Coating thickness detection oscillating quartz crystal, readout resolution: one decimal (0.1 nm accuracy)
Process gas for sputtering
Argon 99,99 % or better
Venting gas Nitrogen 99,99 %

Available materials for deposition

Material Deposition method Deposition source
Carbon (C) evaporation carbon thread
Gold (Au) sputtering target
Platinum-Palladium (Pt-Pd: 80/20)
sputtering target
Titanium (Ti) sputtering target
Nickel (Ni) sputtering target
Gold-Palladium (Au-Pd: 80/20) sputtering target
Chromium (Cr) sputtering target


Application Note 1 - Deposition of layers of defined thickness using thickness monitor
Application Note 2 - Incorrect layer thickness


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