Electrolytical polisher Lectropol 5 (LECTROPOL)

Electrolytical polisher Lectropol 5

Jiří Holas

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 9.2.2018 17:11

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - A1.04

Machine for automatic micro-processor controlled electrolytical polishing and etching of metallographic specimens. Lectropol 5 is equipped with a scanning function, i.e. a pre-defined voltage range is scanned to determine the current density curve. This curve is used to define the correct voltage for polishing and etching. The machine features database with methods for various types of materials. LectroPol-5 is equipped with a built-in measuring and control system, constantly monitoring the electrolyte temperature. Inseparable part of the instrument setup is a recirculating chiller Lauda RP 870, capable of providing electrolyte temperature down to –20 °C.
The sample surface to be polished is exposed to electrolyte through an opening in a mask (standard operation) or by immersion into it in a stainless steel dish (external extching cell).



Output voltage/current

Regime Voltage Current
Polishing 0–120V (1V steps) / 6A
Etching 0–25V (0.5V steps) / 6A
External Etching 0–15V (0.5V steps) / 1.5A

Software and electronics

Display 128 × 240 dots (16 × 40 characters)
Controls touch pad
Database 10 built-in Struers methods + 20 user definable methods

Standard consumables

Electrolyte Applicable to:
A2 Aluminium
Stainless Steel

Other electrolytes shall only be brought in after approval!

Mask opening Area:
round 0.5 cm2
1 cm2
rectangular 2 cm2
5 cm2

Custom shaped openings can be manufactured using a blind mask.


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