4th Bruker FTIR and Raman User Meeting


WHEN: November 4th 2021, event starts at 10:00WHERE: CEITEC BUT, Building S, Purkyňova 123, lecture hall, 1st floorCEITEC Nano RI and Optik Instruments (BRUKER) inviting you to the 4th Bruker FTIR…
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Dipolar-stabilized first and second-order antiskyrmions in ferrimagnetic…


Antiskyrmions are topological spin textures with negative vorticity. Like skyrmions, they have considerable technological promise, but have only been stabilised in Heusler compounds. In recent…
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New User Committee for 2021 is established


Let me introduce our new User Committee for the year 2021. In the end, the election did not take place because the number of registered nominees was exactly 5 (same as the number of User Committee…
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Best micrograph contest - 4th Feb 2021


Dear users of CEITEC Nano RI,let me announce to you about the upcoming Best micrograph contest which is part of CzechNanoLab User Meeting.Best micrograph contest - send your micrograph (one file per…
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Online CzechNanoLab User Meeting - February 4, 2021


Dear colleagues,Unfortunately, this time is not inclined to organize traditional user meetings. We, therefore, decided to organize our traditional meeting at least online.Following the merge of…
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Influence of experimental conditions on localized surface plasmon resonances…


Dr Michal Horák (supervised by prof. Tomáš Šikola) has recently published in Ultramicroscopy an experimental study of the influence of the primary beam energy and the collection semi-angle on the…
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Molecular k-Uniform tiling


Tessellation of the Euclidean plane into regular polygons – tiles – is a mathematical concept for description of intricate geometries associated with complex structures potentially displaying unique…
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CzechNanoLab offers its capacities to fight with COVID-19 and supports research…


CzechNanoLab research infrastructure offers its capacity to fight with the COVID-19. We offer testing of personal protective equipment made of nanomaterials, e.g. analysis of nanofibre filters,…
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A step forward to realize quantum processors with new magnetic topological…


New possibilities for the lossless transmission of signals, which can be used, for example, in quantum computer processors, have been tested on new compounds by an international group of scientists…
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Optimizing the Size of Platinum Nanoparticles for High Oxygen Reduction…


The reactivity of ultra-small nanoparticles and atom precise clusters consisting of less than 50 atoms depends not only on the nanoparticle size and on the surface to volume ratio but also on the…
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CEITEC Nano User Meeting 2019


Dear colleagues,It gives us pleasure to cordially invite you to the 4th CEITEC Nano User Meeting organized by CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure. It will take place on the 4th of December 2019 at 1…
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3rd Bruker FTIR and Raman User Meeting


WHEN: 3rd of October 2019, event starts at 10:00WHERE: CEITEC BUT, Building S, Purkyňova 123, lecture hall, 1st floor CEITEC Nano RI and Optik Instruments (BRUKER) inviting you to 3rd Bruker FTIR and…
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GenIsys Lithography workshop for CEITEC Nano Users


25. 6. – 26. 6. 2019CEITEC BUT, Brno, Purkyňova 123, Building C, PC Room     Dear CEITEC Nano users,In the 25th – 26th of June will be held GenIsys workshop in Ceitec Nano. First…
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CEITEC Nano Gas Detection System


It is our pleasure to inform you, that the GAS DETECTION SYSTEM in building C was finally rebuilt and new sensors were installed. The system is now fully operational and there is a new alarm policy…
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Babinet´s principle on plasmonic metasurfaces


Babinet’s principle of complementarity states that diffraction pattern from an opaque body is identical to that from a hole of the same size and shape. As plasmonic share many parallels with optics…
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CEITEC core facility survey 2019 – share your experience and comments!


Dear users of CEITEC core facilities,We are conducting a CEITEC core facilities user survey to gather information about what users need and expect from the facilities. Share your experience with us…
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Universities of S&T as engines of excellence, talent and innovation – roles in…


CESAER has published a white paper on "Universities of Science and Technology (S&T) as engines of excellence, talent and innovation". The paper promotes the understanding of the roles of…
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Critical Point Dryer – now available for users of CEITEC Nano


We have got new machine for you - CPD-Autosamdri-815B. It has been installed in the Photolithography Lab (CR Class 100) and is operational since 22nd Feb 2019. Well established method for wafer and…
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Image Snapper and Sample Observer software modules are now available on TESCAN…


We are happy to announce that Image Snapper and Sample Observer software modules are now available on TESCAN LYRA3 FIB-SEM.Image Snapper module is intended for an automatic large sample image…
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Workshop and a User-Meeting on correlative Raman imaging


New perspectives in chemical analysis with correlative 3D Raman imagingIt gives us pleasure to cordially invite you to RAMAN Workshop and User-meeting organized by CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure…
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New RAMAN in CEITEC Nano ready for you


At the end of the last year we have got for you new WITec confocal Raman imaging system. It is placed in the lab C1.23 (Cleanroom CLASS 100,000). In February we are planning to organize 2days…
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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2019


Dear all CEITEC Nano Users,we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Labs will stay OPEN NONSTOP for your experiments during these holidays. Just keep in mind, that from 21 December 2018 until…
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Graphene doping by electron beam


For its properties and prospective applications in many fields, graphene has attracted considerable research interest. Graphene transport properties makes graphene an attractive candidate for…
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Switchable Dielectric Metasurfaces


Metasurfaces offer unparalleled functionalities for controlling the propagation and properties of electromagnetic waves. To transfer these functions to technological applications, it is critical to…
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Looking back at 3rd User Meeting


First of all many thanks to all of you who participated in the 3rd CEITEC Nano User Meeting. Without you there will be no User Meeting :-)The third User meeting was opened by the head of CEITEC Nano,…
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On-line Instrument Status


Now you can check the Instrument Status on our webpage.Just click on Equipment in the Main MENU or i in the MENU footer.
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Registration is OPEN - 3rd CEITEC Nano User Meeting


Dear colleagues,It gives us pleasure to cordially invite you to the 3rd CEITEC Nano User Meeting organized by CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure.It will take place on 29th of November 2018 at 1 p.m.…
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CEITEC Nano User Manual - new version


Finaly we are presenting updated version of CEITEC Nano User Manual. This Safety Bible has not been updated since Sept 2016 when we introduced the first version of it. We have made many improvements…
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3rd CEITEC Nano User Meeting - 29th Nov 2018


Dear colleagues,It gives us pleasure to cordially invite you to the 3rd CEITEC Nano User Meeting organized by CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure.It will take place on 29th of November 2018 at 1 p.m.…
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New website


Everything changes, so we too are changing our website a little, and we hope for the better. Website should be better suited to mobile devices, web search, and listings of publications based on…
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Ivana Hamadová and Lukáš Flajšman (on behalf of CEITEC Nano User Committee) invite you to:GRILL PARTYWHEN: Thursday, 30th August at 5 PMWHERE: CEITEC Nano terrace (tram stop Technologický park)• no…
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Single-wire Nanosensor arrays


Single nanowire gas sensing devices provide better sensitivity, stability and better selectivity than bulk materials thanks to the presence of specific crystal facets offering well-defined surfaces…
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CEITEC Nano - Staff availability


Summer is here. Most employees are taking a holiday during this period. To make your work planning easier, there is an overview who is/is not available and when.Staff availability - summer 2018 (PDF)
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Black-out simulation


To be better prepared for such a exceptional situation (black-out) there is planned a power supply test (a.k.a. black-out simulation) on Thursday 21st June from 9:00 to 12:00. Therefore, all…
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Nanofabrication Workshop & Training


Let us invite you for upcoming Nanofabrication Workshop.Where: CEITEC Nano, Purkyňova 123, BRNO 612 00When: 27th June 2018If you are interested in Workshop, please send us request via email to nano…
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CEITEC Nano is partner of EuroNanoLab consortium


Setting up a European infrastructure that incorporates most of the academic clean rooms in which tomorrow’s nanosystems will be designed is the goal of the EuroNanoLab project presented to us by…
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Give us your Feedback


We have set up new and easy online User's Feedback System. It takes just seconds to give us your feedback and It's as easy as it can be. To see overall report of feedbacks visit - http://cfnano…
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New pricelist - May 2018


The pricelist for academic and commercial users has been updated.Pricelist for academic users - herePricelist for commercial users - here
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Meeting on TEM in Materials Sciences


April 24–25, 2018. Sharing of current experience in transmission electron microscopy across research areas related to advanced materials, technologies and microscopic techniques.The meeting will…
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AFM Workshops - January 2018


CEITEC Nano in cooperation with mt-m, organizes in January 2018 the AFM Workshops.When:15.–16.1.2018 (Workshop - CZ) - FULL/ Registration is CLOSED22.–23.1.2018 (Workshop - EN) - Registration is…
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Workshop CorreScopy (Correlative Imaging)


CEITEC Nano together with company CorreScopy (Correlative Imaging) invite you kindly to an introduction demo focused on data correlation from various imaging techniques.Correlative microscopy is…
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CEITEC Nano at International Engineering Fair


Come to visit us at BVV. International Engineering Fair - 9.–13.10.2017, pavilion Z, exhibition stand 132.More photos here.
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2nd CEITEC Nano User Meeting


The 2nd CEITEC Nano User Meeting is comming soon. So, please save the date – 30th November 2017.Final program
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Scientific Night at CEITEC Nano


On Friday 6th October within the framework of the 2017 Scientific Night, we will allow visitors to look into our laboratories cleaner than the operating theater. You can try to dress a lab suit or…
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Numbers and Statistics


We have got some statistic numbers collected from our counter system.First graph represents the number of entries to the Cleanroom per hour and the second graph represents the number of entries to…
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ICN+T Brno 2018


International Conference on Nanoscience Technology (ICN+T) 2018 will be held in Brno, Czech Republic.The International Conference on Nanoscience Technology (ICN+T) provides an international forum for…
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CEITEC Nano user survey 2017 - Results


Dear users of CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure,we have the results of user survey which was held in April 2017 and we decided to share the results with you. The user survey was anonymous. We…
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LiteScope SPM/SEM integration - seminar/workshop


New possibilities of the correlative microscopy by CPEMJUNE 27, 2017, Meeting room C2.11, 10:00–12:00Jan Neuman, Ph.D.NenoVision s.r.o., Purkyňova 127, Brno, Czech RepublicDevelopment of the…
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The workshop and open day for industrial partners at the CEITEC BUT


The workshop and open day for industrial partners are being prepared in the laboratories of the CEITEC BUT at Purkyňova 123 in Brno on Thursday 18 May 2017. During this day, we will introduce our…
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CEITEC CF user survey


Dear users of CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure,We want to know what you need and what you expect from core facilities. Share your experience with us via survey. As core facilities are an important…
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Material samples preparation workshop focused on ion beam milling system and…


CEITEC NANO together with the company Specion (distributor of Leica EM products) invite you kindly to a two-day workshop focused on fine materials sample preparation using broad ion beam milling…
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CEITEC Nano Open day - 28th March 2017


We invite you to CEITEC Nano Open day for new academic users. Within the open day we will explain how to get an access to the infrastructure, demonstrate its equipment and explain available…
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Science Research Innovation Fair 2017


Visit us at the Science Research Innovation Fair at the Brno Exhibition Centre! 28.2. - 2.3.2017
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LEIS workshop 2017


​In May, CEITEC Nano will host the LEIS workshop which traditionally provides an informal and effective platform for discussing challenges and problems of surface science utilizing an…
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Image Snapper software module is now available on MIRA3 TESCAN/RAITH EBL-SEM


We are happy to announce that Image Snapper software module is now available on MIRA3 TESCAN/RAITH EBL-SEM. Image Snapper is a  Mira TC  module intended for an automatic large sample image…
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User Meeting Final Programme


We've finalized the User Meeting Programme and updated information about the micrograph competition and poster printing.
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3D Virtual Lab View


Dear CEITEC Nano Users,we are happy to announce the opportunity to explore our laboratories through 3D virtual laboratory view. Enjoy your virtual labtour :-)
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GenISys lithography data preparation and simulation software


We are happy to announce that GenISys Beamer, Tracer and Lab software packages will be available to our users soon. First training by Daniel Ritter from GenISys will be held on December 15-16 at…
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Scholarships for graduates from Central-, Eastern- and Southeastern Europe


Our partner Deggendorf Institute of Technology has passed this announcement from The Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST).The Free State of Bavaria invites…
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New Booking system - training & presentation for users


On Tuesday 1st of November at 10am. starts first training session how to use our new Booking system. This training is most like designed for CEITEC Nano RI users and their needs. Training will take…
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DEADLINE - User registration and safety training


We encourage all users to finish their Perun registration, bring the user fee agreement, finish the on-line safety training and schedule their safety excursion before the end of…
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The Scientific Centre CEITEC BUT Launched Full Operation of Laboratories


The Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) BUT has officially launched the full operations of its laboratories. The cutting edge research and development centre, located near the Pod…
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TESCAN Lyra ready for measurements


Dear LYRA users,LYRA is moved to the new building, fully functional and ready for your measurements. As it was already announced there is special regime for access to the microscope. First of all,…
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TESCAN Lyra reinstallation


The next Monday 15/8 starts the reinstallation of TESCAN Lyra FIB/SEM to the new building according to the plan, as it was marked in reservation system already.  We would like to enable you the…
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DACH FIB Workshop


Participants of 11th DACH FIB workshop had a unique chance to visit facilities of Ceitec Nano research infrastructure!11th DACH FIB workshop is over. This great event focused on electron microscopy…
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Movement of facility


The summer 2016 is approaching, this means we are about to move to a new building in Podnikatelská 123. We will do our best to influence your research as little as possible. Please pay attention to…
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First Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy


Localised Surface Plasmon resonances in metallic nanoparticles are mapped by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy with both the spatial and spectral resolution. First results measured by Michal Horak in…
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