We would like to help you to have the life in CEITEC Nano as easy as possible :-)

If you do not find your question in this list please do not hesitate to contact us directly in the User Office or write an email to nano@ceitec.vutbr.cz

This list of FAQ is created in cooperation with the CEITEC Nano User Committee.


My access card for Cleanrooms does not work. Why?

You have probably not fulfilled all requirements for the access yet (e.g. Perun registration, CEITEC Nano User fee agreement, online test, safety excursion). As soon as you do so, the access will be granted to you immediately. Your card does not work despite fulfilling all the requirements? Some technical issues may be the reason. Please do visit the CEITEC Nano User office and we will help you.

I am a CEITEC Ph.D. student. Do I still need to obtain the CEITEC Nano User fee agreement even though my fee is covered by the CEITEC fund for CEITEC Ph.D. students

Yes, you do. We still need your and your supervisor’s contacts for administrative and safety reasons. Besides, in this document, you agree to acknowledge CEITEC Nano RI in your publications – and that is very important for our sustainability.

I am an employee of BUT. How do I pay for access to CEITEC Nano RI?

It is necessary to make an internal order in the accounting system on unit 62 *Contact Finance Manager of your BUT Department*. Then, please send this internal order to the RI Finance Manager (katerina.tydlackova@ceitec.vutbr.cz). The payment will be recorded to our system and passed to the Finance Department.

How to pay the user fee via barter trade?

The easiest way is to contact the RI Finance Manager Kateřina Tydlačková. You will discuss with her on what to purchase so it meets our actual needs for consumables while it still adheres to the conditions of your grant.

I applied for self-service access for calendar/academic year but I will use only several months. Can I transfer my access to another person?

No. Unfortunately, the access is not transferable. The reason is simple: You do not pay for running cost – that is 100% covered by CEITEC Nano – but for administration, training, and for the access itself. This is individual for each user and therefore it must be paid separately for each user.

Is it possible to pay more on users’ fee in one period? Will it be projected to another period?

Yes, it is possible. You can pay as much more as you wish. We use the registration system for payments and we are able to see your “account balance” in total. Therefore, it is possible to use pre-paid money for next periods.


When should I acknowledge CEITEC Nano RI and how?

If you use any equipment of CEITEC Nano RI to obtain data for your thesis or scientific paper, acknowledgment of the RI is required. You can find the appropriate exact wording at http://nano.ceitec.cz/acknowledgement/

Is it possible to acknowledge CEITEC Nano RI even though I need to acknowledge to another project?

Of course. This has been confirmed by the responsible person at MEYS that acknowledging CEITEC Nano RI and another project at the same time will not cause any problems. To be extra sure, you can use only the minimal version of acknowledgment without the project number: “CEITEC Nano RI, MEYS CR, 2016-2019. “


How to change preferred email in the Booking system?

How to recover ceitec account password?

What is the Ceitec account?

For each user who registered via Perun website to Ceitec booking system has been created ceitec account - base identity. Unfortunately you do not know how is the ceitec account user name looks like. Typically ceitec account is conducted from name.surname but in some cases there can be added number at the end name.surnameX. So if you forget or lost your university, institution or google login which you have used to log in to the booking system, there is still option that you can use your base identity - ceitec account. How to get/recover password for ceitec account is described in the pdf manual - question above.

I would like to sign up for an instrument training. How can I do that?

You can sign up via our booking system. Scheduled trainings are announced at the training page (reachable through the top menu) or by an icon of a grey loudspeaker next to the instrument acronym in the left panel of your favourite instruments. If the date does not suit you or if there is no training scheduled at all, contact the instrument guarantor and ask her/him to arrange the training.

I cannot log in to the booking system. The system says: “The research group is not filled.” I cannot edit it/ I am not a member of any research group. What should I do?

Please contact richard.kolar@ceitec.vutbr.cz or helena.dolejsova@ceitec.vutbr.cz at User office, we will help you to resolve it.


I would like to bring a larger group of external people for the excursion to the RI (grammar school classes, firm employees…). Is it possible? What should I do?

Yes, it is possible. We support such kinds of activities. Please contact the User office to arrange all the details.