Organizational structure of CEITEC Nano

CEITEC Nano is the joint, national, single-sited research infrastructure of the Central European Institute of Technology at the Brno University of Technology (CEITEC BUT) and Masaryk University (CEITEC MU). It is operated under CEITEC BUT​, which is an independent university institute (due to Czech law the university institutes hold a similar status to faculties). Masaryk University (CEITEC MU) is involved in the research infrastructure via a partnership agreement. The head of the research infrastructure is responsible to the Board of the Research Infrastructure which consists of representatives of CEITEC BUT and CEITEC MU. The head of CEITEC Nano is further advised by the International Advisory Board and by the User Committee.

Board of the Research Infrastructure

Chairman of the Board

  • Director of CEITEC BUT (Radimír Vrba)

Board Members

  • Director of CEITEC MU (Jiří Nantl)
  • Scientific Director of CEITEC (Jaroslav Koča)
  • Coordinator of Research Program 1 - Advanced Nano and Microtechnologies (Tomáš Šikola)
  • Coordinator of Research Program 2 - Advanced Materials (Jaroslav Jančář)
  • Secretary of CEITEC BUT (Jan Nedvěd)
  • Secretary of CEITEC MU (Michal Marcolla)
  • Representative of Research groups from CEITEC MU (Josef Humlíček)
  • Representative of Research groups from CEITEC BUT (Radim Chmelík)

International Advisory Board

Chairman of the Board

  • Gottfried Strasser, Head of Centre for Micro- and Nanostructures, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Board Members

  • José Pitarke, Director of NanoGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain 
  • Kay Gastinger, Director of NTNU NanoLab and Nano@NTNU,  Trondheim, Norway
  • Lars Montelius, Director of International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Braga, Portugal
  • Antonín Fejfar, Head of Laboratory of Nanostructures and Nanomaterials, FZU Prague, Czech Republic

Statute of IAB

User Committee

  • The CEITEC Nano User Committee is one of the three advisory bodies of the Research Infrastructure.
  • The User Committee consists of 5 members which are voted in for a 1 year period.
  • The User Committee Meeting is held every 3 months with the presence of the Head or Manager of CEITEC Nano.
  • Meeting outputs with requests & recommendations are officially commented on by the Head of CEITEC Nano
  • A representative of the user committee is invited to regular CEITEC Nano meetings (1per week)
  • The user committee meeting inputs and realized adjustments are summarized in a document which will be used for CEITEC Nano Evaluations (both internal and external).
  • The user committee participates in the organization of the future CEITEC Nano user meetings.