TESCAN Lyra ready for measurements

Dear LYRA users,
LYRA is moved to the new building, fully functional and ready for your measurements. As it was already announced there is special regime for access to the microscope. First of all, you have to register yourself to the new booking system via this link: https://idm.ics.muni.cz/fed/registrar/?vo=ceitec&group=NANO
Unfortunately, new system will not know about your achieved trainings automatically and thus it is not possible to do reservation for microscope straight away.

Your reservation for the microscope will be valid only in the new booking system!

In case you will need Lyra within next two weeks you have to also attend temporal provisory training to the new cleanrooms. Please send the email (Eva.Kolibalova@ceitec.vutbr.cz) containing the information, when you would like to use microscope and I will assign you Lyra certificate and we will settle date and time for your clean room training together. After completing this training, you will obtain temporary access card to the building and cleanrooms immediately.