Single-wire Nanosensor arrays

Single nanowire gas sensing devices provide better sensitivity, stability and better selectivity than bulk materials thanks to the presence of specific crystal facets offering well-defined surfaces.

On the nanoelectrode arrays featuring single nanowires fabricated at CEITEC Nano Core facility O.  Chmela and coworkers showed reproducible gas sensing performance.

Employing combination of electron beam and optical lithography authors were able to manufacture platform in which single nanowires can be easily integrated by dielectrophoresis. These finding present the important step in fabrication of multifunctional sensor arrays.

O. Chmela, J. Sadílek, G. Domènech-Gil, J. Samà, J. Somer, R. Mohan, A. Romano-Rodriguez, J. Hubálek, S. Vallejos:  Selectively arranged single-wire based nanosensor array systems for gas monitoring. Nanoscale 2018, 10, 9087.