Graphene doping by electron beam

For its properties and prospective applications in many fields, graphene has attracted considerable research interest. Graphene transport properties makes graphene an attractive candidate for electronic devices, sensors, and detectors. In this context, providing graphene with controlled doping are required. One of the way, so called remote doping is based on charge trapping in gate dielectric induced by visible to X-ray radiation. However, the full-scale doping ranging from high level n-doping to high-level p-doping remained an open issue.

On devices fabricated at CF Nano Veronika Stará with her colleagues showed that low energy electron irradiation both n- and -p graphene doping can be induced.

The low-energy electron beam irradiation was employed to induce doping in a graphene layer. Authors showed that depending on the applied gate voltage during the irradiation, either n- or p-doping can be achieved, and by setting an appropriate irradiation protocol, any desired doping levels can be achieved.

V. Stará, P. Procházka, D. Mareček, T. Šikola, J. Čechal: Ambipolar Remote Graphene Doping by Low Energy Electron Beam Irradiation. Nanoscale 10, (2018), 17520.