CEITEC Nano Gas Detection System

It is our pleasure to inform you, that the GAS DETECTION SYSTEM in building C was finally rebuilt and new sensors were installed. The system is now fully operational and there is a new alarm policy related to this.

1.  If you see that the red signs „NEVSTUPOVAT“ (Do not enter) or „OPUSŤTE PROSTOR“ (Leave the area) are ON, do not enter the lab or leave the lab if you are already working in it. In this case you can quickly finish your work and close the gas cylinders and other gas lines connected to your device before you leave.


2.  If you hear the alarm besides the active red signs, leave the lab immediately through EMERGENCY EXITS!

We are still waiting for the sensors to be replaced in other buildings including StAn laboratories – the plan is 09/2019.

StAn users shall keep following instructions as described here.