E-beam writer RAITH150 Two (RAITH)

Meena Dhankhar

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 27.8.2020 10:07

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.29

Raith 150 Two is high resolution low voltage electron beam lithography (EBL) and metrology system. It is suitable for research and development of MEMS, micro and nanoelectronic, plasmonic, photonic systems and integrated optical devices. It comes with sample holders capable of mounting up to 6´ substrate. The fabrication of 20 nm structures is guaranteed, while it is possible to write structures down to 10 nm in size. The system also contains FBMS (fixed beam moving stage) module for writing of long continuous patterns without stitching errors, and proximity effect correction SW package is available for optimized writing of near objects.
Raith 150 Two is equipped with ultra high resolution Carl-Zeiss Gemini electron optics system. SEM image is recorded with help of InLens and SE detectors with resolution of 1 – 2 nm at most acceleration voltages. The range of voltages is 0,3 – 30 kV and the user can select the apertures to control the beam current. High precision writing is possible due to laser interferometric stage with the lateral movement resolution of 2 nm and large scale Z travel.
This EBL system is suitable for long, time demanding exposures also thanks to its split room setup, which ensures environmental isolation together with temperature stabilization.

Sample requirements

Composition: no material limitation, sample must be solid, very flat, thin, and of orthogonal or rounded shape best
Sample size: minimum size is not limited, universal sample holder mounts up to 4´ substrates, other holders are available for 6´ substrates, 5´ and 7´ masks


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System specifications

Beam current range:
5 pA – 20 nA
Beam energy:
20 eV – 30 eV
Stage travel range:150 x 150 x 20 mm
Minimum line width:< 8 nm guaranteed
Current stability:≤ 0.5 % / 8 hours

Lithography specifications

Minimum grating periodicity (20 kV/50 um write field): max. 40 nm period with less than 20 nm line width

Minimum feature size: min. line width less than 8.0 nm

Stitching accuracy (100 um write field/10 kV)

U direction: |mean| + 3sigma less than 35 nm

V direction: |mean| + 3sigma less than 35 nm

Overlay accuracy (100 um write field/10 kV)

U direction: |mean| + 3sigma less than 35 nm

V direction: |mean| + 3sigma less than 35 nm


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