WITec alpha300 R

Veronika Králová

Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive imaging technique which provides information about chemical composition and molecular structure of the sample.

The WITec confocal Raman imaging system alpha300 R offers exceptional performance in speed, sensitivity, and resolution. It allows hyperspectral image generation with the information of complete Raman spectrum at every image pixel with a resolution down to the optical diffraction limit.

No special sample preparation like staining or fixation is required. Because of the confocal setup of the system and its outstanding depth resolution, it is possible to acquire information not only from the sample surface, but also to look deep inside the transparent samples and even obtain 3D information and depth resolution.


Basic Microscope Features:

Research grade optical microscope with objectives:

  • 10x (NA 0.25, WD 9.3mm)
  • 50x (NA 0.8, WD 0.58 mm)
  • 100x (NA 0.9, WD 0.31 mm)
  • 40x (NA 0.6, WD 3.6 to 2.8 mm) for Raman UV applications


  • ~200 nm laterally (depending on the objective and wavelength)

Motorized stage travelling range:

  • 25 x 25 mm in X, Y
  • 30 mm in Z

Step size:

  • 100 nm in X, Y
  • 10 nm in Z

Sample size: 120 mm in x- and y-direction, 25 mm in height

Automated confocal Raman imaging (maximum 25 x 25 mm²)

Ultrafast Raman imaging (1300 spectra per second) optional available

Raman Operation Modes:

  • Raman spectral imaging
  • 3D confocal Raman imaging
  • Time and power series
  • Single point Raman spectrum acquisition
  • Single-point depth profiling
  • Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Bright Field Microscopy

Excitation Lasers:

Ultrahigh-throughput UHTS Spectrometers:

  • Various lens-based, 3 spectrometers optimized for UV, VIS or NIR ranges available, all specifically designed for Raman microscopy and applications with low light intensities
  • The excitation laser light and the scattered light is guided between laser sources, microscope and spectrometers by optical fibers (efficiency of the transmission is up to 70 %)