UV-VIS Optical Spectrometer Ocean optics JAZ 3-channel (JAZ3-CHANNEL)

UV-VIS Optical Spectrometer Ocean optics JAZ 3-channel

Alois Nebojsa

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 31.3.2020 09:15

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.21

Spectrometers (Ocean Optics JAZ-3 and NIR-QUEST) available for general use in optical lab (or for short-term loan for in-situ measurements elsewhere in the facility) share common set of accessories. It can be used (usually with a reflectivity probe) to estimate layer thickness (or their homogeneity, in combination with mapping stage). We use either standard Ocean Optics software (OceanView) or custom-made software based on Java and TraitsUI for mapping.

Ocean Optics JAZ-3
- 3 channels [200-450 nm, 400-750 nm, 700-1000 nm]
- 3x2048 pixels
- Exchangeable entrance slit (10 – 25 – 50 um) to adjust sensitivity and spectral resolution




  • Halogen – VIS/NIR, manual gray filter 
  • Halogen-Deuterium – extension to UV 

Fiber optics accessories 

  • Solarized fibers (UV-VIS range): 200, 400, 800 micron core 
  • VIS-NIR fibers: 200, 400, 800 micron core 
  • 3-1 multicore fibers  
  • Reflection probe  
    - (illumination) + 1 (collection) 
    - (illumination) + 3 (collection) 
  • Reflection holder – upright or inverted 
  • Transmission holder – horizontal/vertical 
  • Special cuvette (10mm) holder 
  • Mapping reflectivity stage (up to 150mm sample) 


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