Semi-automated 4-probe system Cascade Microtech SUMMIT 12000 (SUMMIT)

Semi-automated 4-probe system Cascade Microtech SUMMIT 12000

Radim Hrdý, Ph.D.

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 3.6.2020 13:13

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.57

SUMMIT Semi-automated probe station is precise on-wafer device and process characterization system. This test instruments allows measuring of semiconductor structures on wafers up to 200mm diameter. System is designed for RF/Microwave application, device characterization, wafer level reliability and special e-tests. Probe system has EMI shielding for low noise measurement, DC, RF mmW, FA, WLR and more configurations of measuring.




  • Integrated microchamber for dark, dry and EMI shielding
  • Pureline technology for premium signal integrity
  • Attoguard technology for enhanced IV and CV measurements
  • 4-axis precision motorized stage
  • 200mm chuck with FemtoGuard technology providing:
  • Ultra-low noise measurements and controlled leakage
  • Low residual capacitance for repeatability
  • Advanced measurement accuracy and speed
  • Automated microscope mounted on large area bridge with 12x 6`` X-Y transport
  • High performance PCI video digitizer card enabling ‘’full-motion’’ live video, resizable windows, ‘’point & shoot’’ wafer navigation and so on.

Main parameters


Travel : 203 x 203 mm
Resolution: 1um
Repeatability: ≤ 2um
Accuracy: ≤ 2.5um
Z travel: 5mm
Theta Stage travel: ± 5.5º

Wafer chuck

Triax connectors
Au material

Electrical performance

Breakdown voltage: ≥ 500V
Probe leakage: ≤1 fA
Chuck leakage: ≤15 fA


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