Metal organic chemical vapor deposition


Filip Münz


System for deposition of thin layers of metal oxides on a horizontally oriented wafer/sample inside a cylindric steel reactor, with higher growth speed and lower control of layer thickness than a related ALD technique. Metal-organic precursors are delivered through a shower-head placed directly above a rotating heated substrate holder, they decompose in contact with the substrate and organic residuals are extracted from the reactor with high-performance pump system.

Precursors in liquid form are evaporated into the carrier gas flow (N2, Ar) in a bubbler tank or two Controlled Evaporator and Mixer (CEM) lines, up to 3 different precursors plus the process oxygen can be used at the same time.



substrate temperature rangefrom room temp. up to 800 °C
bubbler temperature control10–50 °C
CEM line heaterup to 70 °C
pressure control0.1–103 kPa

designed materialsTiO2, Fe2O3, BaTiO3, PbZrTiO3, HfO2
nonhomogeneity< 3%