Atmospheric Pressure chemical vapor deposition


Filip Münz


System for a precisely controlled growth of oxides on silicon wafers in horizontal quartz tubes with soft-loading placement of boats holding up to 50 wafers in one run. Temperature is controlled in 3 independent zones. Basic process consists of dry thermal oxide or wet thermal oxide growth, in the latter case H2 and O2 mixture reacts in an external burner. Doping is possible from POCl3 (N-type) or BBr3 (P-type) precursors using quartz bubbler tank. The excessive deposits are cleaned through dichloroethylene (DCE) injection.


process temperature range600–1100 °C
bubbler temperature range/stability10–50 °C / 0.2 °C
oxide growth speed4–5 nm/min for thin layers
resistivity of doped layers4 mΩ cm ± 5%