Chemical laboratory B1.14

The new chemical laboratory is intended to serve for users interested in chemical processes and samples preparation. It is still in basic mode, further equipping of the lab is in process. To use the laboratory, however, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and BOZP of the lab.

The guarantor of the new chemical lab is Kateřina Tmejová (, so if you need any details about the laboratory, please feel free to contact her.

List of instruments

- Microwave Synthesis reactor (Aton Paar) - MONOWAVE_400
- Analytical balance - ABT 220-5DNM, KERN
- Pre-balance  - 3DNM, Satorius
- pH Meter  - pH 3310, WTW
- Magnetic Stirrer with a hot plate (MSH-300, Biosan)
- Vacuum Oven (to 200 °C, Thermo Scientific)
- Lab Dryer