Witec Alpha 300R (WITEC-RAMAN)

Witec Alpha 300R

Filip Münz, Ph.D.

Instrument status:
Operational Operational, 22.11.2019 09:40, Fully operational

Equipment placement:
CEITEC Nano - C1.23

Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive imaging technique which provides information about chemical composition and molecular structure of the sample.
The WITec confocal Raman imaging system alpha300 R offers exceptional performance in speed, sensitivity, and resolution. It allows hyperspectral image generation with the information of complete Raman spectrum at every image pixel with a resolution down to the optical diffraction limit.


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Basic Microscope Features:

Research grade optical microscope with objectives:

  • 10x (NA 0.25, WD 9.3mm)
  • 50x (NA 0.8, WD 0.58 mm)
  • 100x (NA 0.9, WD 0.31 mm)
  • 40x (NA 0.6, WD 3.6 to 2.8 mm) for Raman UV applications


  • ~200 nm laterally (depending on the objective and wavelength)

Motorized stage travelling range:

  • 25 x 25 mm in X, Y
  • 30 mm in Z

Step size:

  • 100 nm in X, Y
  • 10 nm in Z

Sample size: 120 mm in x- and y-direction, 25 mm in height

Automated confocal Raman imaging (maximum 25 x 25 mm²)

Ultrafast Raman imaging (1300 spectra per second) optional available

Raman Operation Modes:

  • Raman spectral imaging
  • 3D confocal Raman imaging
  • Time and power series
  • Single point Raman spectrum acquisition
  • Single-point depth profiling
  • Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Bright Field Microscopy

Excitation Lasers:

Ultrahigh-throughput UHTS Spectrometers:

  • Various lens-based, 3 spectrometers optimized for UV, VIS or NIR ranges available, all specifically designed for Raman microscopy and applications with low light intensities
  • The excitation laser light and the scattered light is guided between laser sources, microscope and spectrometers by optical fibers (efficiency of the transmission is up to 70 %)


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