TEM electrolytical polisher Tenupol 5


Jiří Holas


A machine for automatic electrolytical thinning of specimens for TEM. Tenupol 5 is equipped with a scanning function, pre-defined voltage range is scanned to determine the current density curve. This curve is used to to define the correct polishing voltage for the thinning process. Specimens with a diameter of 2.3 and 3 mm are polished from both sides simultaneously to achieve a thin foil with a centre hole as small as possible. The thinning is controlled by an infrared light source, stopping the process as soon as the first light can pass through the established hole.




Output voltage/current

Polishing0 – 100V(0.1V steps) / 2.5A

Software and electronics

Display128 × 240 dots (16 × 40 characters)
Controlstouch pad
Database18 Struers methods + 200 user definable methods