Stereomicroscope Zeiss Stemi 508


Jiří Holas


Compact stereomicroscope with 5:1 zoom. Allows users to observe three-dimensional samples without need of special preparation. Microscope is equipped by LED illumination with variable intensity and positioning for better contrast of sample. Connected PC enables users to take snaps using Axiocam 105 color camera and perform image analysis using AxioVision software.




Modules for image analysis

Extended focusfor images with better depth of field consists of Z-stacks
Panoramafor composition of images in X-Y plane
Interactive measurementfor quick measurement and suitable choice of parametres
Automeasurefor automatic image analysis, based on predefined conditions
Online measurementfor measurement on live image without need of saving image
Asset archivefor saving images into users database, searching by different parameteres
MosaiXfor automatic creating of large format images using motorized stage
Z-stackfor scanning in Z axis with high precision
Autofocusfor automatic focusation of live image