Semiautomatic dicing saw ESEC 8003


Radovan Klusák, Jan Pekárek


A precision machine is used to cut semiconductor wafers into individual chips or dice.

A programmable spindle speed and variable feed rate allow maximum dicing control and repeatability.

Wafers are held to chuck table by means of vacuum and chuck can accommodate circular and rectangular wafers.

An extremely thin diamond blade is used to dice, cut, or groove semiconductor wafers, silicon, glass, ceramic, crystal, and many other types of material.

It is possible to cut only whole wafers - small samples cannot be cut. The saw is standardly equipped with blade for cutting Si wafers.

If you would like to cut other materials than Si, you need to buy your own blade with a hub/flange - - the cost of a single blade is approximately 100 EUR.



Wafer diameter25.4 mm – 152.4 mm
(1" – 6")
Wafer thickness0.01–5.0 mm
Min. cut-width50 μm for Si wafer
Min. size of chip1x1 mm
X-axis (feed)240 mm
Y-axis (index)165 mm
Index step0.02–100 mm
Z-axis (verticle)10 mm
Rotation angle0.01–165 degrees
Spindle speed15,000–50,000 rpm