Semi-automated 4-probe system Cascade Microtech SUMMIT 12000

Robert Dóczy

SUMMIT Semi-automated probe station is precise on-wafer device and process characterization system. This test instrument allows measuring of semiconductor structures on wafers up to 200mm diameter. System is designed for RF/Microwave application, device characterization, wafer level reliability and special e-tests. Probe system has EMI shielding for low noise measurements. System is capable of fully automated measurements on whole wafer when connected with appropriate measurement system such as Keithley 4200.

The powerful Velox™ probe station control software features easy on-screen navigation, wafer mapping, automation and seamless integration with analysers and measurement software. It enables simple operation of motorized positioner. For a wide range of applications, the Summit probe station powered by Velox software achieves high test efficiency.

  • Integrated microchamber for dark, dry and EMI shielding
  • Pureline technology for premium signal integrity
  • Attoguard technology for enhanced IV and CV measurements
  • 4-axis precision motorized stage
  • 200mm chuck with FemtoGuard technology providing:
  • Ultra-low noise measurements and controlled leakage
  • Low residual capacitance for repeatability
  • Advanced measurement accuracy and speed
  • Automated microscope mounted on large area bridge with 12x 6`` X-Y transport
  • High performance PCI video digitizer card enabling ‘’full motion’’ live video, resizable windows, ‘’point & shoot’’ wafer navigation and so on.

Main parameters


Travel : 203 x 203 mm
Resolution: 1um
Repeatability: ≤ 2um
Accuracy: ≤ 2.5um
Z travel: 5mm
Theta Stage travel: ± 5.5º

Wafer chuck

Triax connectors
Au material

Electrical performance

Breakdown voltage: ≥ 500V
Probe leakage: ≤1 fA
Chuck leakage: ≤15 fA