Resist Coating and development system SÜSS MicroTec RCD8


Erik Pálesch

RCD8 is a semi-automated tool for quality coating and developing of flat substrates. The size of the substrates it can handle varies from 2 inch to 8 inch wafers. Our tool offers three configurations: open-bowl spin-coater, GYRSET© spin-coater, and developer. GYRSET© is a special technology provided by SUSS MicroTec which allows for uniform coating of non-circular and/or irregular substrates in general. Developer module is capable of puddle and spray development.

The tool is equipped with dispense arm with two replaceable heads. One is for resist and solvent dispense, the other one is for developer dispense. At this time we have one main resist line and one developer line. It is also possible to use syringes to dispense almost any kind of resist or developer. The tool has back side rinse and edge bead removal functions, so coated wafers are prepared for the next lithographic steps right away.

RCD8 can provide high quality coatings due to the precise dynamic dispense system, much better than conventional manual spin-coaters. The quality of the initial resist film is crucial to achieve good results in the nanofabrication workflow.





Substrate size2” to 200 mm round, 2” to 150 mm square
Substrate Handlingmanual, lift pins
User InterfaceSUSS MMC Tool Control on Win 7, industrial PC, touch screen
Max. # of Recipesmore than 10 000
Max. # of Process Steps50

Module: Open Bowl Coater

Spin Speed Max10 000 RPM
Spin Acceleration1 – 7000 RPM/s
Bowl MaterialNi-plated Al
Dispense arm1 resist line, 1 solvent line, motorized syringe pump

Module: Gyrset Coater

Spin Speed Max3 000 RPM
Spin Acceleration1 – 3000 RPM/s
Bowl MaterialNi-plated Al
Cover Options3 different sizes in low and high versions

Module: Puddle developer

Spin Speed Max10 000 RPM
Spin Acceleration1 – 7000 RPM/s
Bowl MaterialPE
Cover Options1 developer line