Precision saw Accutom 100


Jiří Holas


Cut-off machine for precise deformation-free cutting and grinding. Accutom 100 have built-in 100 methods and can be programmed to automatically cut series of slices from the sample. The machine is also equipped with sample rotation or oscillation. Pre-set constant feed speed is in the range of 0.005–3.00 mm/s. The motor provides variable cut-off wheel speeds from 300 up to 5000 rpm in steps of 100 rpm. The software will also compensate for the wheel thickness and for slight drift of the cut-off wheel. Accutom-100 can be used for target grinding of e.g. TEM plates as well.




Specimen holder rotation and oscilationyes
Automatic rotation of specimen holderyes
Motor rotation speed300–5000 rpm
Griding feed speed0.5–7.5 mm/s
Cutting feed speed0.005–3 mm/s
Positioning speedX = 10 mm/s, Y = 13 mm/s
Positioning rangeX direction: 60 mm (precision 0.005 mm),
Y direction: 110 mm (precision 0,1 mm)

Cutting capacity

Cut-off wheel75–150 mm, Arbor size: 12.7 mm
Length of cut-off specimen40 mm / 195 mm , for 25 mm diameter
Length of workpiece to be clamped250 mm
Workpiece width and height50 × 130 mm
Workpiece cross section54 mm without rotation / 108 mm with rotation

Grinding capacity

Cup wheel100–150 mm, Arbor size: 12.7 mm
Sample40 mm / 95 × 95 mm

Available cut-off wheels

50A15cutting of hard ferrous metals (HV 500–800)
10S15cutting of soft non-ferrous metals (HV 70–400)
MOD15cutting of ceramics and minerals (> HV 800)
MOP15diamond cup wheel for grinding of hard and brittle materials