Workshops "Nanoindentation" and AFM - September 2017


When: 11.–15.9.2017
Where: CEITEC Nano RI, Purkyňova 123, Bulding C, Meeting room - C2.11

Registration fee: 1.000 CZK (Workshop 1. - Nanoindentation), 1.000 CZK (Workshops 2.&3.) + VAT 21%

If you are interested in Workshops, please send us a preliminary request for next Workshop via email to

Program of workshops:

Workshop 1. „Nanoindentation“

Monday 11th Sept 2017

9.00–9.45Introduction to Nanoindentation, principle of Nanoindentor,
Introduction of Bruker instruments Bruker – Nanoindentation (previously Hysitron)
9.45–10.45Latest news from quasi-static nanoindentation and "scanning" nanoindentation (SPM+), fast mapping of hardnesses and modules (XPM - demonstration by remote access to demo lab)

coffee break
11.00–12.00Introduction to nanometric dynamic mechanical analysis (nanoDMA), depth profiles of mechanical properties, measurement of long-term ...

13.30–16.30Live demonstration of "scanning" nanoindentation and nanoDMA using Hysitron TriboIndenter TI 950 in CEITEC Nano laboratories

Tuesday 12th Sept 2017

9.00–10.00Latest news from High-and low-temperature nanoindentations (-100 ° C to 1000 ° C), xSOL thermal cell, measuring at controlled humidity
10.00–10.45Hybrid Techniques: Raman, Fluorescence, Electrical Features (nanoECR)

coffee break
11.00–12.00In situ nanomechanical testing in SEM and TEM - Hysitron PicoIndenter, applications and latest news

13.30–16.30Live demonstrations of indentations at elevated temperatures using the xSOL temperature cell at CEITEC Nano laboratories

Workshop 2. „Electrical properties of nanoscale materials“

Wednesday 13th Sept 2017

9.00–9.30Introduction to nanoscale electrical properties measurements
9.30–10.00Conductivity measurements by C-AFM, tunneling AFM (TUNA)

coffee break
10.20–10.45Capacitance measurements by various methods
10.45–11.15Surface potential measurements by Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM)
11.15–12.00Electrochemical AFM

13.30–16.30Live demonstration on Dimension ICON in CEITEC Nano laboratories

Workshop 3. „Fundamentals of Working with AFM“

Thursday 14th Sept 2017

9.00–9.30Introduction and history of AFM
9.30–10.00Technical background of AFM
(basic principles, piezo elements, probes and feedback setting)
10.00–10.30Operation in contact mode (principles, parameter setting, Lateral forces microscopy)

coffee break
10.45–11.30Operation in tapping mode (principles, parameter setting, Phase imaging)
11.30–12.00AFM Image Quality improvement

13.30–16.30Live demonstrations on Dimension Icon (CEITEC Nano laboratories) and MultiMode 8 (BFU AV)

Friday 15th Sept 2017

9.00–9.30Force curves
9.30–10.15Operation in Scanasyst mode (principles, parameter settings)

coffee break
10.30–11.15Mechanical properties in nanoscale with Peakforce QNM
11.15–11.30AFM image examples
11.30–12.00AFM image analysis

13.30–16.30Live demonstrations on Dimension Icon (CEITEC Nano laboratories) and MultiMode 8 (BFU AV)

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