Mounting press Citopress 10


Jiří Holas


Electro-hydraulic programmable machine for hot mounting (pressing). Citopress 10 contains a database of preloaded methods which provides mounting informations. Programmable temperature is in the range of 80 – 180°C. The machine features a LCD display, which graphically shows parameter settings and mounting progress. Changing parameters is provided by using the turn/push button.




Mounting specifications

Mounting unit diameter30 mm
Mounting pressure50 – 350 bar, in steps of 25 bar
Heating temperature80 – 180°C, in steps of 5°C
Heating time1 – 15 minutes
Cooling time1 – 15 minutes
Selectable cooling water flowsHigh: 4.8 l / min, Medium: 0.96 l / min, Low: 0.14 l / min

Available mounting resins

PolyFastfor fast mounting and for examination in a SEM
ClaroFastfor achieving a transparent mount with a clear view to all details
LevoFastfor achieving an excellent egde-retention for soft to medium hard materials
MultiFastfor routine examination of soft to medium hard materials
DuroFastfor achieving an excellent edge-retention when preparing hard materials