Metallographic saw Labotom 5


Jiří Holas


Manual cut-off machine for 250 mm diameter cut-off wheels for rough cutting. The machine is equipped with simple control panel consisting of start, stop and flushing cleaning water buttons. The cutting table is 316 mm wide and 225 mm depth with five 10 mm T-slots for fixing workpieces holders. Labotom-5 allows to cut-off almost all kinds of materials




Cutting rotational speed2845 rpm (50 Hz), 3450 rpm (60 Hz)
Cut-off wheel (250 mm) speed37.2 m / s (50 Hz), 45.1 , m / s (60 Hz)
Cut-off wheel diameter250 mm
Cut-off wheel thickness1–1.5 mm
Cut-off wheel hole32 mm
Flange for cut-off wheel diameter62.5 mm

Cutting chamber

Width310 mm
Height49 mm
Width (left side)Passage for protruding workpieces120 mm
Height (left side)42 mm
Diameter (left side)90 mm
Width (right side)16 mm
Height (right side)16 mm

Cutting table

Width316 mm
Depth225 mm
T-slots10 mm, 5 pcs
Max cutting diameter90 mm

Available cut-off wheels

60A25cutting of extra hard ferrous metals (>HV 600)
40A25cutting of medium hard ferrous metals (HV 300–450)
20A25cutting of very ductile metals (e.g. titanium) (HV 70–400)
MOD25cutting of ceramics (> HV 800) and minerals