Mask Aligner SÜSS MicroTec MA8

Süss MicroTec MA8 is standard UV lithography tool for exposing wafers through mask. Photoresist-coated wafer is illuminated by UV light in the range of 350–450 nm wavelength, which is produced by 1000 W Hg lamp. Such power of the UV-lamp ensures high work-flow. This tool is equipped with high performance MO optics to give uniform exposure over the surface of up to 6 inch wafer. Exposure can be carried out in proximity mode or in contact mode. In the first case there is defined distance between mask and wafer during exposure, while in the other case wafer and mask are brought into direct contact. Depending on the force which pushes wafer to the mask, the tool works in the so called soft contact, hard contact, or vacuum contact mode. Vacuum contact offers highest resolution of pattern transfer, but also highest mask wear. MA8 is equipped with top side optical microscopes and bottom side microscopes, so alignment is possible from both sides of the wafer. In the future, there will be a possibility to use UV-NIL module for producing sub-100 nm structures using UV lithography.

Mask and Wafer/Substrate

Wafer Size:1” – 200 mm
Max. substrate size:200 x 200 mm
Min. Pieces:5 x 5 mm
Wafer Thickness:max. 10 mm
Mask Size:standard 2” x 2” up to 9” x 9” (SEMI)

Exposure Modes

Contact:soft, hard, vacuum
Proximity:exposure gap 1–300 mm
Gap setting accuracy:1 µm
Modes:constant power, constant dose
Options:Flood exposure

Exposure Optics

Resolution:1,5 µm (vacuum); 2 µm (hard); 3 µm (soft);
3,5 µm (proximity 20 µm)

Wavelength range:UV400 350–450 nm
Exposure source:Hg lamp 1000 W
Intensity uniformity:less than 3,5 % (200 mm)

Alignment methods

Top Side Alignment (TSA):accuracy less than 0,5 µm (with assisted alignment & SUSS MicroTec recommended wafer targets)
Bottom Side Alignment (BSA):accuracy less than 1 µm
TSA Focus Range:1–400 µm (AL400 – motorized focus and image capturing)

Alignment stage

MA Movement Range:X: +/- 5mm; Y: +/- 5 mm; Theta +/- 5°
Resolution:0,1 µm

Topside Microscope (TSA)

Movement Range:X: 33–202 mm; Y: +18, -100 mm; Theta: +/- 5°

Bottomside Microscope (BSA)

Movement Range:X: 20–210 mm; Y: +/- 22 mm; focus 6 mm