Ion polisher Fischione TEM Mill 1050


Jiří Holas


Machine for creating thin electron transparent specimens for TEM. TEM Mill incorporates two independently adjustable ion sources, liquid nitrogen specimen cooling, automatic gas control, and a vacuum system for ultra-clean specimen processing. The specimen holder accommodates double-sided milling to 0° without specimen shadowing. Tilt angles are adjustable in the range from –10° to +10°. In addition to full specimen rotation with ion beam sequencing, the programmable rocking angle control is available. The TEM Mill includes a microscope with CCD camera for better specimen viewing and polishing process control.




Ion sourceTwo ion guns, single controllable
Ion source energyfrom 100 eV to 6 keV
Beam current densityup to 10 mA/cm2
Process gasArgon, 99,999 % purity

Specimen stage

Milling angle range–10° to +10°
Specimen rotationavailable with motion sequencing
Specimen rockingavailable