Ion-Beam Sputter Deposition System BESTEC

Imrich Gablech


UHV sputter deposition system is equipped with two RFICP Kaufman ion-beam sources (KRI®) with 4 cm diameter grids (3-grid primary and 2-grid assisted/secondary) and charge neutralizer (LFN 2000 - KRI®). This setup is suitable for Ion-beam sputter deposition, Ion-beam assisted deposition, reactive sputter deposition with nitrogen and in-situ initial/continual substrate (pre-)cleaning. Etching (ion-milling) is not possible due to undesirable chamber and targets contamination.      

Thin films are outstanding with their low surface roughness, residual stress control, crystal quality and purity. These properties make these layers appropriate i.e. for MEMS, optical applications or electrochemistry. Important parameters are listed in following table.

The system is mainly aimed at the preparation of CMOS compatible materials. Due to contamination risks a thorough discussion with the instrument guarantee is required before processing any samples.


Base pressure1.2 x 10−8 mbar
Process pressure10−5 – 10−4 mbar
5*10−5 Radiation heaterUp to 350 °C (real. temp. on substrate)
Available targetsTi, Al, W, Hf, Ta, Zr
GasesArgon (7.0), Nitrogen (7.0)
Deposition rate0.03 – 1.50 Å/s (based on material)
Beam voltage100 – 1200 V
Beam current5 – 120 mA
Wafer technology1 – 4 inch