General trainings

Training for independent access to all CEITEC Nano cleanrooms

On-line exam

To get an access each user must carefully read the CEITEC Nano user manual* and answer to all questions related to this document in the examination form. Reserve at least 3 hours for carefull reading the manual and filling the examination form. All users are obliged to know all information contained in the document, even if it is not directly related to their planned work. The answers will be evaluated within 3–5 working days by CEITEC Nano staff. If the score is above 90 % you will be eligible for safety excursion. If your score is below 90% you must fill the examination form again.

Safety excursion - registration form

Upon successfull completion of the exam, you can make an appointment for safety excursion at the User Office or register online, room 1.04, email, phone +420 54114 9207.

Depending on your needs, you may select following safety excursions:

  • Full CEITEC Nano excursion – 2 hrs.
  • Nanofabrication laboratory – 45 min.
  • Nanocharacterization laboratory – 30 min.
  • Structural analysis laboratory – 30 min.

If your needs change in the future, you may want to schedule extra safety excursion. Note, that without completing the safety excursion for given laboratory, you will not be able to book the equipment.

*We welcome any feedback on CEITEC Nano user manual and on all safety procedures at CEITEC Nano. Help us improve our labs, let us know at the User Office!

​Safety in cleanrooms - other resources

All users are encouraged to self-study any other resources relevant to clean room safety. Here are some useful links related to the topic. If you find any other good resources, let us know at

Link to Safety course presentation from Danish National centre for Micro- and Nanofabrication (Danchip).

Link to Safety manual from Swedish Micro and Nanofabrication Network (myfab).

Links to Lab Manual and Safety Manual from Stanford Nanofabrication Facility.

               ​​​                ​