The nanofabrication laboratory is located in an ISO class 5 (US 100) cleanroom with an area of 356 m²


The nanocharacterization laboratory is located in an ISO class 8 (US FS 100,000) cleanroom with an area of 1,337 m²

Structural analysis

The structural analysis laboratory occupies a further 300 m² of ISO class 8 (US FS 100,000) cleanroom

Micro & Nano X-ray CT laboratory

The X-ray micro CT and nano CT research laboratory of the Materials Characterization and Advanced Coatings research group is a part of the Advanced Nanotechnologies and Microtechnologies research program at the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) at Brno University of Technology.

 Laser Spectroscopy laboratory

The Laboratory of the Laser Spectroscopy group has more than 20 years of experience with the development of laser-based spectroscopic methods, namely Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). The lab disposes of all necessary devices for the implementation of qualitative and quantitative analyses in single-pulse, double-pulse (with increased spatial resolution and detection limits), LIBS + LIFS (Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy) modes.

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