Equipment trainings

23.8.2017 09:30-10:30
Přihlásit se na školení Accutom basic training - safety precautions setting up the instrument cutting process grinding process

23.8.2017 10:30-11:30
Přihlásit se na školení Tegramin basic training - safety precautions setting up the instrument grinding process polishing process

23.8.2017 11:30-12:00
Přihlásit se na školení Citopress basic training - safety precautions setting up the instrument mounting process

24.8.2017 09:00-16:00
Přihlásit se na školení Helios_basic. Training for new users. Max. 5 attendees - Training for new users. Prerequisite: finished training on Verios!

1.9.2017 09:00-15:00
Přihlásit se na školení Verios_EDX - Verios_EDX Training for new users of EDAX EDS. Prerequisite: Verios_basic training. Max. 5 attendees.

Trainings for equipment are available for registered users via booking system .

List of all trainings

Atomic layer deposition system Ultratech/CambridgeNanoTech Fiji 200

Coater Leica EM ACE600

E-beam writer RAITH150 Two (RAITH)

Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Helios NanoLab 660

Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope TESCAN LYRA3

Grinder/polisher Tegramin 30

  • Tegramin_standard

High resolution Scanning Electron Microscope FEI Verios 460L

  • Verios_basic

Keithley 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer (KEITHLEY-4200)

Lithographic wetbench development Stroza & Lithographic wetbench for stripping Stroza

  • Lithographic wetbenches for development & stripping

Lithographic wetbench for resist coating SÜSS MicroTec

Mechanical profilometer Bruker Dektak XT

  • Basic control of DektakXT (DektakXT basics)
  • Advance methods of surface analysis (DektakXT advance)

Metallographic saw Labotom 5

  • Labotom_standard

Mini Cryogen-Free Magnet System - Cryogenic Limited (CRYOGENIC)

MIR spectroscopic ellipsometer J. A. Woollam IR-VASE

  • Ellipsometry

Mask Aligner SÜSS MicroTec MA8 (SUSS-MA8)

Mounting press Citopress 10

  • Citopress_standard

NIR-UV spectroscopic ellipsometer J. A. Woollam V-VASE

  • Elipsometr V-VASE - standard

Optical microscope Olympus MX51

  • Optical Microscope

Precision saw Accutom 100

  • Accutom_standard

Resist stripper Diener electronic NANO Plasma cleaner

  • Resist Stripper

Scanning Electron Microscope/E-beam writer TESCAN MIRA3

Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy Nanonics Imaging MV 4000

  • SNOM MV4000 standard
  • SNOM MV4000 advanced

Scanning Probe Microscope + microRaman + PhotoLuminiscence system NT-MDT Ntegra Spectra + Solar II

  • SPM NTegra Spectra - standard (SPM - standard AFM)
  • uRaman/PhotoLuminiscent system NTegra Spectra - standard (NTegra Spectra - standard Raman)

Scanning Probe Microscope Bruker Dimension Icon

  • Lithographic SPM Dimension Icon SPM standard (Icon Standard)
  • Lithographic SPM Dimension Icon SPM electrochemistry (Icon Electrochemistry)
  • Lithographic SPM Dimension Icon SPM advanced (Icon Advanced )

Spectroscopic reflectometer Ocean Optics NanoCalc 2000

UV Direct Write Laser system Heidelberg Instruments DWL 66-fs

Vacuum FTIR Vertex80v + microscope Hyperion 3000 KIT - polarizors, VIS detector Bruker Vertex80v + Hyperion 3000

  • Vacuum FTIR (Vacuum FTIR)
  • Vacuum FTIR microscope (Vacuum FTIR microscope)

Vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer McPherson VUVAS 1000

  • VUV spectrometer VUVAS 1000 (VUVAS 1000)

Wire bonder TPT HB 16

X-ray diffractometer with high brightness source Rigaku SmartLab 9kW

  • Difraktometr Rigaku 9kW - basic (Rigaku 9kW - basic)
  • Difraktometr Rigaku 9kW - advanced (Rigaku 9kW - advanced)

X-ray powder diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab 3kW

  • Difraktometr Rigaku 3kW - measurement with assistance (basic, standard) (Difraktometr Rigaku 3kW)
  • Difraktometr Rigaku 3kW - measurement without assistance (advanced) (Difraktometr Rigaku 3kW)

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Kratos Analytical Axis Supra (KRATOS-XPS)

               ​​​                ​